Our people set us apart

icon-out-peopleIntroducing some of the wonderful talent we work with and their stories.

At criterion a ‘Bell Ringer’ is an employee who consistently goes above and beyond to deliver wins and results that benefit the wider team or business as a whole. They understand the bigger picture and are working collaboratively to maximize their contribution and the success of others. Their enthusiasm and impact is so visible their peers and colleagues nominate them for our monthly recognition award.

Meet some of our amazing employees and Bell Ringers.


Lauren Bell Ringer

Lauren Perry
Conference Producer

I’d just graduated from uni and was looking to jump into something new, challenging, exciting – and a little bit out of the box! I’d never heard of conference producing as a job before and it sounded like the perfect job for someone who loves exploring current issues and bringing people together.

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Each day is different to the last. I love the variety my role includes, from research with industry specialists, writing blogs, running events, meeting new people and coordinating a team of salespeople, marketers, data specialists and event managers.

We are a hard working yet fun-loving team who get very passionate about social issues, current affairs and problem solving. We all have our key areas of expertise and whilst we work on our own individual conferences, we always share knowledge and bounce back ideas with each other. It’s a very open and welcoming environment!

It’s been a whirlwind six months since I joined the company with a lot of highlights! However, reading all the positive delegate feedback after my first conference was such a wonderful moment. It really made me realise that bringing people together to address common issues makes a big difference!

A few interesting facts about me

If I had a super power I would….be able to teleport. I have too many places to be all the time
The best bit of advice I’ve ever been given is… to concentrate on “the circle of influence”
A random fact about me is…I used to play rugby union (yes, tackle) and was the only girl on the team
At the weekend I love to… go on bush walks and hand-make cards
A book that moved me…Rocket Boys (also known as October Sky) Homer Hickam
My guilty pleasure is… licking the chocolatey froth off the inside of my cappuccino lid


Victoria Hazael
HR Director

I had been working in Australia for about 2 years and had gained good exposure to local employment legislation and practices. My background from a HR perspective has predominantly been in working within small owner managed entrepreneurial businesses and I was looking to move back in to this type of organisation in a stand alone role. I was really excited by a number of things at my interview. Firstly, that it was a greenfield role where I’d get the opportunity to develop and shape the HR function and our HR processes and practices. Secondly that the Senior Leaders within the business were so bought into the value of HR and ensuring that their talent management processes were engaging, innovative and market leading.

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I am responsible for designing and delivering talent programs that provide development opportunities, increase engagement and positively impact the culture of our business.  I also work in partnership with the Senior Leadership team to ensure that our talent programs and policies align with the overall business strategy and vision.

It’s a very fast paced environment which means everyone is up for change and it happens quickly.  As we are so flat structured there is no red tape to making change happen.  You can see the impact and value in the contribution that you make right across the business.  Everyone that works here is really passionate and energetic which means it’s a lively fun place to be.

My proudest moment so far has been delivering our new office space and watching our team use all the different working spaces.  Of course I have to mention being the first double bell ringer winner!!!!  Yes, in your face Will Young I beat you!

A few interesting facts about me

A random fact about me is…I used to be a hairdresser after I left school and decided what I was going to do with my life!
At the weekend I love to…Hang out with my little boy, I miss spending time with him during the week!
My guilty pleasure is…..Killer Pythons (the lolly not the animal)

Pat Bell Ringer

Patricia Rocha
Senior Marketing Manager

I joined Criterion as its culture and values got my attention and it seemed to be a company where I would fit in – our wonderfully weird value is my favourite! Also because I was looking to go back to working in marketing after a few years in the education industry.

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What do I do? I am the Senior Marketing Manager and I am responsible for launching and promoting a number of conferences in multiple areas and sectors. I develop promotional materials, advertising and partnerships as well as carefully selecting the target market according to the topic and industry.

Whats the culture like at Criterion? My team is fantastic! All teams at Criterion are great but the Marketing department is more than just a team, it’s a group of friends who trust each other, who work together and who are determined to achieve the best results for the company as a team.

My proudest moment at Criterion? Finalising the Google Drive project and seeing everyone finally using it and taking advantage of its toll and efficiency! It took a while but I was very proud when it started happening :) That and also singing Spice Girls with the team at the Christmas Party.

A few interesting facts about me

If I had a super power I would… like to be able to make everyone nicer towards each other, smile more and save all the animals in he world (of course)!
The best bit of advice I’ve ever been given is… if you want to achieve something, fight and work for it, don’t complain, just do something towards what you want.
A random fact about me is… when I was a child, I hated shoes and my favourite places to take naps were the dogs’ houses and by the cows. – I also wanted to be a vet and live in a farm… but then life happened :)
At the weekend I love to… sleep in, walk my dog, and drink wine by the fireplace (winter) / pool (Summer)
A book that moved me…. The Horse Whisperer – one of my favourites
My guilty pleasure is….. travelling! Weekends away, long holidays, one day road trips, you name it!

Cal Bell Ringer

Calum McNab
Delegate Sales Manager

I joined Criterion as I was influenced by Joal to try and get a job here, probably so he could get a referral bonus!

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What do I do? I’m a team leader in the Delegate sales area of the company. It’s my job to sell tickets to our conferences by pitching potential delegates. I also help guide 4 other members of the DS team, helping out with call backs, advice on pitching / where to pitch etc.

Whats the culture like at Criterion? We have a team all with a similar background – mainly guys from the UK who want to live in Australia! So we all tend to joke about the same thing, mainly The Office, and push to work hard play hard, too hard sometimes.

My proudest moment at Criterion? Becoming bell ringer without doubt

A few interesting facts about me

If I had a super power I would….invent the ability to travel anywhere in the world in a second
The best bit of advice I’ve ever been given is – Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days you are the statue.
A random fact about me is…I once brought a cat back to life
At the weekend I love to…Play football and go for a swim in the ocean
A book that moved me….Andy McNab – Bravo Two Zero – My uncle
My guilty pleasure is…..The Office

Untitled design (1)

Ante Batistic

I joined Criterion for a new challenge and a step up in my career.

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What do I do? I guess I kind of work behind the scenes making sure that all the numbers make sense at the end of the month

Whats the culture like at Criterion? The culture here is very open and collaborative, which is quite different from most financial departments

My proudest moment at Criterion? Winning bell ringer and becoming a member of the MLT (Middle Leadership Team)

A few interesting facts about me

If I had a super power I would… time travel
A random fact about me is… I have a double jointed thumb
On the weekend I love to….. sleep!

IMG_6668 (1)

Criterion Corporate Giving Committee
Annie, Rosie, Erika, Will, Nev, Laura & Ash

With the growth of our organisation and our core values of Quality, Energy, Leadership and Innovation, we aim to raise awareness and make a difference to causes close to our hearts through a series of events, with a major focus on having fun!

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We are wonderfully weird team that gel together and produce great results. Criterion allows you to express yourself in the most unique way and bring your quirks to make our workplace fun.

Our proudest moment was the 2016 Criterion Chili Eating Contest! We’re proud to have raised over $2,100 for House of Welcome, which supports refugees and asylum seekers in their transition to life in Australia.


Jessica Farrelly
Content & Social Media Marketer

I joined Criterion shortly after moving to Australia earlier this year. I had never worked in events before and the buzz of being involved in 90 conferences a year across such a diverse range of topics and industries really appealed to me. I also heard great things about the company culture and the people I would be working with.

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What do I do? I look after our blog and social media, which involves liaising with the conference producers, speakers and marketers to determine the types of content we should create for each event. I then coordinate our content and social media calendar of internal and external articles, infographics and ebooks in line with key campaign dates.

Whats the culture like at Criterion? Eccentric is probably the best word to describe it! Not only are we free to be a bit weird, it’s actually actively encouraged. At the same time, everyone works really hard and we’re all very results-driven. Even though we all work on our own individual projects within the Marketing team, we’re all still quick to help each other and leverage the different strengths and skills within the group.

My proudest moment at Criterion is watching our web traffic and engagement grow and seeing the knock on effects it has had for the rest of the team has been really rewarding. And winning the Bell Ringer award!

A few interesting facts about me

If I had a super power I would… Control the weather!

The best bit of advice I’ve been given… Think before you speak and listen more than you talk

A random fact about me is… I STILL haven’t learned how to drive

My guilty pleasure is….. Cheese and wine, preferably together

Laura-H- Bellringer-2

Fariba Laura Haque
Enquiries Sales Associate

Why did I join Criterion? Word of mouth really. I had ex-colleagues who worked at Criterion and I always heard great things about the company. When I decided to move, Criterion was a clear winner.

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What do I do? I help leaders connect, through conversations, towards their goal. 

Our team has someone from almost every continent in the world. Everyone brings in an interesting perspective to our team. You can hear us from any part of the office be it our laughing or pitches.

My Proudest moment was when I was recognized for my hard work on 2 events on the same day and got the Bell ringer award as well.

A few interesting facts about me

A random fact about me is… I have a band in Sydney called The Crew and we do pop-rock and funk-rock

My guilty pleasure is….. switching my phone off from time to time


Marcela Yturria
Enquiries Manager

I joined Criterion because I saw a great opportunity to work for an organisation that provided opportunity for growth.

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As the Enquiries Manager my role is a busy one and can be stressful but we make sure we have a lot of fun.

Our team culture is very friendly, helpful, multicultural, vibrant and motivational.

I am most proud of my achievements at Criterion but especially winning the Bell Ringer award for January. The award is peer nominated so it’s wonderful to know how valued I am to the team and organisation as a whole.

A few interesting facts about me

The best bit of advice I’ve ever been given is – There is no such thing as luck. Work hard!

A random fact about me is  – I was a dance teacher for 7 years.



Laura Dunlop
Conference Producer

I joined Criterion because I had a research and events background and loved how Criterion aligned both of these elements to create evidenced, interactive and creative conferences. Plus in my interview I could tell I would get on well with the team as we had a few giggles.

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My role as a conference producer means I get to conduct qualitative research on a wide variety of new topics which constantly change. I get to research with really interesting senior leaders in each sector to ascertain how the conference should be shaped and who should be in the room. Then comes the creative part – taking research findings and transforming them into an agenda. We must understand what needs to be achieved by the delegate on the day in terms of outcomes and structure the session format with this in mind. I completely LOVE being a producer!

OK so all my friends are really jealous of my work place because it is so FUN! We are all each other’s biggest fans, we are all really motivated and happy to motivate others. The whole Criterion team are on the same page…let’s do the best job we can and support each other to do it! Couldn’t ask for a better bunch of colleagues. Plus we play games like Charades and quizzes every Friday :)

My proudest moment so far I would have to say was running my first event, Social Media in Tertiary Education. I think there is nothing better than seeing all your hard work come full circle. It was really nice to finally meet all the people I had spoken with in the production stage and see that what you have created can add so much value to a sector.

A few interesting facts about me

If I had a super power I would like the same ones as Raven from X-Men, shape shifting, self-healing and blue skin.

At the weekend I love to drink coffee, go for brunch, potter around Bondi Markets, hit the beach, swim, do the Bondi to Coogee walk and catch up with friends- life’s a beach after all!



Joal Duncan
Delegate Sales

I joined criterion a year ago to pursue a change in career direction – in sales. I was tired of working in my previous role and wanted to take on a new challenge where my earning potential was in my own hands.

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Working in the delegate sales team means I’m at the forefront of creating new business for the company. This consists of being briefed on a market event, generating leads for potential delegates and pitching the product to them in a way that best suits their business needs. The delegate sales floor is fast paced, demanding and full of characters. Great environment to work in if you like to laugh, be laughed at and be kept on your toes!

My biggest achievement to date is probably securing sponsorship with the company so that I am able to stay in Australia. Who wants to work in England?

At the weekend I like to finish work and have drinks with colleagues and friends to wind down, go to the beach, eat nice food, occasionally hit the casino, and catch up on the football.

Something interesting about me

If I had a super power I would….be able to read people’s minds!