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icon-out-peopleIntroducing some of the wonderful talent we work with and their stories.

At Criterion a ‘Bell Ringer’ is an employee who consistently goes above and beyond to deliver wins and results that benefit the wider team or business as a whole. They understand the bigger picture and are working collaboratively to maximize their contribution and the success of others. Their enthusiasm and impact is so visible their peers and colleagues nominate them for our monthly recognition award.

Meet some of our amazing employees and Bell Ringers.

Jennifer Bogias
Talent Acquisition & People and Culture Advisor

I was ready to take the next step and challenge in my HR career and the role exactly aligned to what I was looking for! Within the interview stage I knew that Criterion was the place I wanted to work for and I really believed and connected with the values and culture that we have embedded.

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Tell us about your job at Criterion Conferences? My role is twofold, as I’m responsible for being the first point of contact, providing advice as well as transactional and generalist support across all HR operational functions for Criterion and I also manage all recruitment. No day is the same and I love the diversity and variety that my role brings, as well as having the opportunity to really make it my own!

What’s the culture like in your team, why would someone want to work here? Fun, supportive and hard working! I love how all departments collaborate with one another, we know how to get the job done whilst creating a positive environment to work in

What’s your proudest moment at Criterion Conferences? Definitely winning the bell ringer award 3 months into my role. It made me feel very valued and appreciated!

Some interesting facts about me

If I had a superpower I would…. be able to teleport to anywhere in the world. I love travelling so I would definitely be able to save lots of money on plane tickets!
My guilty pleasure is indulging in cake which Criterion always has plenty of or a box of krispy kreme donuts.

Richard Jules
Head of IT and Systems Development

Why did I join Criterion? Four months after the business started one of the Founders asked me to set up the IT infrastructure and resolve some key IT issues (my wife was also a Founder, so really what I did was join the family business!)

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Tell us about your job at Criterion Conferences? I am an enabler. The function of my department is to ensure Criterion has a competitive advantage through technology.

What’s the culture like in your team, why would someone want to work here? My team is small, everyone has a voice and their input is encouraged and valued. We provide a lot of opportunities and are always doing new and exciting projects. We aim to make our internal customers happy and are always rewarded with a smile.

What’s your proudest moment at Criterion Conferences? When Criterion celebrated their 10th anniversary!

Some interesting facts about me

If I had a superpower I would…. be a Time Traveller. I’d be able to see what lies ahead for mankind and better understand where we’ve from. I’d like to ensure our actions of today have a positive impact on our future
The best bit of advice I’ve ever been given is: “Never lose the child in you”.  After my children’s birth, I soon understand what it really meant as I watched them gain the greatest pleasure from the simplest things.
A random fact about me is… At one stage I had residency in three countries. Also highly allergic to cats.
At the weekend I love to… Watch the F1 and listen to music very loud!
My guilty pleasure is…. fried chicken



Emma Nash
Event Manager

Why did I join Criterion? From working in venues I was keen to experience the client side of events and criterion offered a perfect opportunity for me. I loved the look of the company culture and the emphasis on employees are not just a number.

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Tell us about your job at Criterion Conferences? I’m currently working in the Operations team as an Event Manager liaising with various stakeholders regarding the logistics of our conferences. This ranges from arranging speaker travel, coordinating sponsor requirements to venue liaison and much more!

What’s the culture like in your team, why would someone want to work here? The Operations team is a fun dynamic group of ladies that make organisation effortless.

What’s your proudest moment at Criterion Conferences? Recently being selected for a new role with our ACSA partnership to help manage their events nationwide.

Some interesting facts about me

If I had a superpower I would…. teleport to avoid Sydney traffic
On the weekend I love to… catch up with friends and family
My guilty pleasure is…. kewpie mayonnaise on anything


Marshal Chettri
Enquiries Sales Executive

Why did I join Criterion? I joined Criterion Conferences because of all the wonderful things I had heard from my previous colleagues who worked with me previously in my old role. Criterion is the best place to work, it has a great atmosphere and everyone will always offer help and guidance when needed.

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Tell us about the culture in your team… it is very friendly. It’s not only about sales but also customer satisfaction. At Criterion Conferences, we always make sure our customer comes first and we ensure they are happy with the services we offer.

My proudest moment at Criterion… was definitely being named the bell ringer for the month despite only being here for 4 months.

Some interesting facts about me

If I had superpower…. I would love to fly like Superman so I could visit my family every day after I finish work and enjoy the homemade food made by mother.
At the weekend… I love to take an afternoon nap.
A random fact about me is…. I love to cook and I am often told that I am a great chef.



Danny Rogan
Delegate Sales Campaign Manager

Why did I join Criterion? I was recommended by a friend

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Tell us about your role at Criterion… My role consists of outbound sales – hunting for new business opportunities.

Tell us about the culture in your team… In the sales team, the culture is great.  Everyone has a laugh but we make sure it doesn’t affect the work we do. If someone was looking for a good working environment and enjoys a good laugh, Criterion is the place.

My proudest moment at Criterion… Getting the bell ringer award.

Some interesting facts about me

A random fact about me… is that my dad breeds ferrets
If I could have any superpower it would be… teleportation so I could head home for the Liverpool games
My guilty pleasure… is a cup of tea and a few ANZAC biscuits (especially at 3pm)
A book that moved me…. Angela’s ashes


Matt van Gend
Graphic Designer

Why did I join Criterion? I was fresh out of uni with a design degree and wanted to get my foot in the door and Criterion was cool enough to give me a shot!

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Tell us about your role at Criterion… I handle all the ‘creative’ stuff, prioritising my time towards designing brochures. I do some logo, banner, and website design on the side.

Tell us about the culture in your team… It’s a very open and welcoming atmosphere within the marketing team. We bounce ideas off each other and everyone’s voice is heard.

My proudest moment at Criterion… So far it’s probably been presenting my finished design concept of what the new Criterion website could potentially look like.

Some interesting facts about me

If I had a superpower I would… be a teleporter – bugger the cost and time of plane flights.
The best bit of advice I’ve ever been given is… “have more than you show, speak less than you know” (except at a job interview).
A random fact about me… is that I only recently discovered the meaning behind my surname, which is ‘van Gend.’ Apparently ‘van’ means ‘of’ the city you’re from. So I’m Matt of Gend. I Google mapped Gend in the Netherlands and it’s a dump haha.



Brooke Busse
Customer Care Manager

Why did I join Criterion?One of my housemates was working on the data team when I first moved to Australia and always talked about how fun his new company was.  When he mentioned there was a job opening, I hopped on the opportunity to apply!

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Tell us about your role at Criterion… I’m the Customer Care Manager at Criterion.  I assist with bookings, online chat, email and phone enquiries, finance, and general office admin..

Tell us about the culture… The culture in my team is great.  With a group of 5 women, we love a good chat over some chocolate or wine!

My proudest moment… Being apart of the Corproate Giving Commitee. We recently help a fundraiser for the Smith Family and raised $3,618 in house.

Some interesting facts about me

At the weekend I love to…go to the beach and hang out with friends
A book that moved me….The Help
My guilty pleasure is….pizza and ranch, all day every day



Sponsorship Manager

Why did I join Criterion?  I heard a lot of good things about the company from a few people I knew already worked here and wanted to try it out for myself.

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Tell us about your role at Criterion… I am one of the Sponsorship Managers. I source and screen credible solution providers and initiate corporate partnerships to support our conferences.

Tell us about the culture… The culture is great. I report to a Director who is very positive and supportive. My team and I get along really well and support and look out for each other. We work hard and stay focused on targets and revenue expectations but we also do make sure we appreciate the small wins and celebrate the big wins along the way.

My proudest moment… Winning the bell ringer award is definitely up there. Getting a deal in my first week and getting to 100 delegates at a recent Aged Care conference are some of my other achievements.

Some interesting facts about me

If I had a super power I would…. be invisible

A random fact about me…  I played gridiron for Sydney Uni

On the weekend I love to… spend time with my family

A book that moved me… The old man and the sea

My guilty pleasure is… playing video games


Katherine Kingsle
Senior Producer and Team Leader

Why did I join Criterion?  I wanted to combine my passion for research and knowledge sharing with something practical that would actually make a difference. My role at Criterion allows me to do this by identifying some of the big changes happening across our key industries, and creating tailored conferences that bring practical solutions to our delegates.

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Tell us about your role at Criterion… As a Senior Producer, I am responsible for identifying potential conference topics, conducting in depth research to develop a conference program and selecting leading speakers to present solutions at the conference. I also manage a team of two producers. I develop conference topics for them and support them to research and produce their own events.

Tell us about the culture… Production is full of unique and passionate individuals with a wide array of surprising interests and skills. I am always learning something new from my team mates and laughing about memes. Production is a team that works hard to produce great events, but we also play hard. Highlights include a wine tasting trip to the Hunter Valley and various celebratory birthday lunches.

My proudest moment… I am really proud of my very first Hit Conference – Mental Health for First Responders. It was one of the first conferences I produced and it was a brand new event. We had about 6 contacts in Salesforce when I started production, so I had to do a lot of research from scratch. It was amazing to see this event grow and reach profit.

Some interesting facts about me

If I had a super power I would…. Be able to teleport

A random fact about me…  I am obsessed with podcasts and will constantly tell people about them

On the weekend I love to binge watch TV shows and think about them critically


David Huggan
Senior Sponsorship Manager

Why did I join Criterion? I joined Criterion because my clients were telling me that they were getting a lot of value from intimate, specific forums rather than large expo’s. I reviewed the entire conference industry and Criterion stood out because we only run demand-based conferences about specific problems and issues. My sponsorship customers enjoy our events because they get a lot of “face time” with decision makers who have paid to be there.  

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I work in Sponsorship Sales so my role is finding the right solution providers for our conferences, and that means organisations who 1) add value to the conference, 2) network with the delegates onsite and 3) conduct efficient follow-up to generate ROI. Then I love being onsite to make sure that my sponsors meet the delegates and get the most out of the event – that’s the really fun part. I also tend to sing a song in front of the whole office when I get a sale!

The culture is “work hard, play hard”, and getting the balance right. We work hard to smash our targets and then celebrate success when the sales come in. Anyone who puts 100% into the role can do very well.

My proudest moments happen a lot – it’s basically when a client tells us that they made a sale out of sponsoring one of our conferences. It’s even better if I was instrumental in making sure they initially met onsite. It’s all about ROI for me and my customers. You can justify spending budget on a Criterion conference by measuring your return.

Some interesting facts about me

The best bit of advice I’ve ever been given is… to network, network, network! I often go to functions and events outside of Criterion’s forums and the best thing to do is to talk to as many people as possible – you can gather so many new contacts by introducing yourself to people

A random fact about me… I once starred in a short movie in which I played a vampire hunter and I got to see it on the big screen

On the weekend I love to… Spend time with my family, go to the beach, barbecue parties with friends and watching English football

My guilty pleasure is… Wine. Bring me a glass of a nice red and I’m a happy and chatty man


Lisa Bell Ringer

Lisa Nguyen
Marketing Assistant

At the time, I was looking for opportunities to compliment my university education. Criterion Conferences had a vacant position and I thought it would be a great opportunity to find out more about the organisation. From the moment I stepped into the doors, I knew that Criterion would be a perfect fit!

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What do I do? I help out everyone in the marketing team. Everyday, I always have different tasks to do so there’s never a boring moment!

The Criterion team are passionate about their roles and are always looking for ways to innovate. As a medium-sized company, we are a tight-knit family that is always looking to expand.

The perks of working at Criterion Conferences are:

  • Being surrounded in an open and friendly environment where you can express your opinions
  • Building strong relationships with your colleagues
  • Having a great work-life balance
  • The fast paced environment; you will always have something to do

My proudest moment was being nominated as Bell-Ringer during my first three months of working at Criterion Conferences.

A few interesting facts about me

A random fact about me… my breakfast consists of chicken teriyaki sushi rolls
On the weekend I love… to bake and watch all of the house-related TV shows on 9Life
A book that moved me… The Art of the Hustle by Edward Mullen. It follows the inspiring tale of a young man that becomes a billionaire before the age of 30
My guilty pleasure… bread sticks dipped in Nutella


IMG_6668 (1)

Criterion Corporate Giving Committee

With the growth of our organisation and our core values of Quality, Energy, Leadership and Innovation, we aim to raise awareness and make a difference to causes close to our hearts through a series of events, with a major focus on having fun!

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We are a wonderfully weird team that gel together and produce great results. Criterion allows you to express yourself in the most unique way and bring your quirks to make our workplace fun.