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Public Sectorcc public sector

“This was a great conference that brought together leaders in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability in local government. A fabulous opportunity to hear about best practices, insights and learnings from projects, and new and emerging trends.”

– Philip Harrington, Principal Consultant, Pitt and Sherry
Energy Efficiency in Local Government, September 2015

“I enjoyed the tour and seeing how other organisations had managed the transition to a flexible working environment. To see staff engaged and actively using facilities was good. I also enjoyed the Workshop and got a lot out of the information and messages presented. It was good to see the journey that others had made and learn from that.”

– Jenny Millett, Disaster Recovery Manager, IP Australia
Transitioning to Innovative Government Workplaces, March 2016

“The Data Management, Sharing & Publishing conference was well organised, highly relevant and had excellent presenters. I highly recommend the conference to other Commonwealth departments.”

– Richard Mackey, Director, Strategic Research, Department of Immigration and Border Protection
Public Sector Data Management & Sharing, March 2016


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Not-For-Profits & Social Servicescc not for profit

“Thank you for organising a conference where at times, the rapt attention of the audience was spine-tingling, the motivation to continue work in the field of domestic violence inspiring, and the admiration for those present palpable.”

– Ann France, Case Manager, Brighter Futures
Ending Domestic & Family Violence, June 2015


“I found the conference to be of enormous value, both in terms of the quality and broad experience of the presenters and the professionalism with which the conference was run. I’d happily attend similar conferences in future and would recommend them to my colleagues as a great source of information and networking opportunities.”

– Tim Larritt, Business Support Accountant, Churches of Christ Care Housing Services
Financial Models for Affordable Housing, February 2016


“An excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with people in the field who are dealing with the same issues that we are.”

– Sarah Pollock, Senior Advisor Public Policy and Strategy, Mind Australia
Designing & Delivering Mental Health Services within the NDIS, October 2015


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Healthcc health & hospitals

“The Measuring Health Outcomes Conference was informative and inspiring. A great selection of presenters talking about their experiences in a range of different parts the Australian healthcare system. Lots of food for thought!”

– Sharon Sweeney, Manager, Population Health Planning, Evaluation and Research, Abt JTA/Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast PHN
Measuring Health Outcomes, May 2016


“I found the conference interactive and genuinely responsive to input from participants. Topics were relevant and professionally presented. The best conference I’ve been to in ages!”

– Bronwyn McPherson, Community Nursing Manager, Colac Area Health
Whole of Hospital Strategies to Improve Patient Flow, May 2016


“A very interesting conference with a good range of topics and presenters showing how different states and health services are tackling the difficult problem of managing limited health resources.”

– Roger Campbell, Operations Manager, Royal Perth Hospital
Strengthening ABF at a Hospital Level, February 2016


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Educationcc education

“Rarely do I come back from a conference so inspired or energised. The quality of the speakers was outstanding.”

– Lynn Walker, Teacher, Burgmann Anglican School
Improving STEM Education & Skills Outcomes, June 2016


“The Learning Space Design conference was an invaluable conference. I attended the two day conference and additional workshops to gain ideas for aligning teaching and learning pedagogy to our school’s learning environments. I was given the opportunity to network with other professionals, to withdraw from the day-to-day frantic pace of our school and to learn and reflect on possible ways of enhancing pedagogical practice and converting existing spaces within our school.”

– Kym Armstrong, Director of Studies, Trinity Anglican College
Learning Space Design, May 2016


“The conference had a perfect blend of university sector specialists to share ideas and learnings. I found it a great opportunity to network and gain some interesting contacts for future benchmarking. Venue was ideal and the staff very supportive and friendly.”

– Paul Robinson, Senior Manager, SCU
Redefining University Admissions Strategies, June 2015



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Technologycc technology

“Very helpful in connecting to and understanding what digital services & methodologies other public service agencies are delivering.”

– Roberta Allen, End to end designer / UX designer, ATO
User Centric Service Delivery in the Public Sector, April 2016


“The Designing Digital Service Transformation conference wasn’t focused on being a sales pitch from different vendors. It was more about hearing real stories of how people have already done this and their tips and tricks on how to do it yourself.”

– Natasha Weatherburn, A/g Director ICT Planning & Business Engagement, Department of Veterans’ Affairs
Designing Digital Service Transformation, September 2015


“Presenters at Innovating IT brought both a wealth of knowledge and practical experience. The whole environment was conducive to sharing insight and learning.”

– Darren Lynch, ATO
Innovating IT Service, March 2015


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