Equipping Australians to succeed in a new world of work
Conference Date
20th & 21st February 2018
Ibis Melbourne Hotel
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Work as we know it is fundamentally changing
The recent ‘New Work Smarts’ report by the Foundation for Young Australians has found a third of young people are unemployed or underemployed. Of those seeking to improve their career prospects, 60% are studying for jobs that will be obsolete in 30 years time. Rapidly evolving technologies are shifting the way we work and the types of jobs available. In response, we need to equip youth with the right skills, information and opportunities to succeed in the future workplace.

The Future of Youth Skills & Employment conference brings together the key government, community and education stakeholders responsible for supporting the next generation of Australians into meaningful and sustainable work in our changing economy.

Attend & learn strategies for:
  • Embracing the future of automation & the changing workplace
  • Strengthening youth support & access to emerging opportunities
  • Developing new pathways for vulnerable or disengaged youth
  • Driving education in entrepreneurship & transferrable skill-sets
  • Fostering outcomes-focused partnerships between industry, education & community
Who will attend?
Representatives from government, education & community sectors with
  • Skills & Employment Services
  • Vocational Education & Training (VET)
  • Youth Support & Engagement
  • Education Pathways & Transitions
  • Careers Advice
  • Industry Partnerships

Attend to learn:

  • Embrace the future of automation & the changing workplace
  • Improve access to information & emerging opportunities
  • Develop new pathways for vulnerable or disengaged youth
  • Drive education in entrepreneurship & transferrable skill-sets
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Key Speakers

Dr Michael McAllum
Chief Steward & Futures Architect
Centre for the Future Academy & Global Foresight Network
Jan Owen AM Hon DLitt
Chief Executive Officer
Foundation for Young Australians
Kathleen Donohoe
Director, Futures Learning
NSW Department of Education
Professor Peter Rathjen
Vice-Chancellor & President
University of Adelaide


What People Are Saying

  • “Our young people aren’t being properly prepared for these shifts – in fact many are already being left behind.”

    ‘The New Work Smarts’
    Foundation for Young Australians, July 2017


  • Date: 18 Jul 2018  By: Ellen Foxall

    In 2018, twenty five year-olds are more educated than ever before. This should be an assuring statistic, a sign of increased career prospects and opportunities for young people. However, 50% of twenty five year-olds are not in full time work, beckoning the question- are we adequately preparing young people to enter the world of work? …

  • Date: 1 Dec 2017  By: Fiona Campbell

    To be equipped for the jobs of tomorrow the youth of today need to learn new transferable entrepreneurial skills to succeed. This means a stronger focus on educators to cultivate entrepreneurial education. But many struggle to find the right resources to engage and inspire disengaged youth. Many youths find the thought of running their own …

  • Date: 3 Nov 2017  By: Lauren Perry

    In a 2016 report published by The World Economic Forum, The Future of Jobs, it is estimated that 5 million jobs will be lost to automation by 2020, and that the number will continue to rise. As a young Australian who has invested a lot into two undergraduate degrees and is carrying a pretty hefty …

  • Date: 25 Nov 2015  By: Jessica Farrelly

    Poor STEM skills among graduates is contributing to the growing youth unemployment rate in Australia according to a new report by PwC. Australia has slipped four places to 17th in the OECD rankings for employment of under 25s, with data from the PwC Young Workers Index indicating a downward trend in STEM skills, particularly math, …

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