Building your leadership legacy
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9th - 10th December 2019
Karstens Melbourne
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Building your leadership legacy
Women account for 46 per cent of the Australian Local Government workforce of 186,000 people. This level decreases as the management level rises with women comprising 7 per cent of CEOs and about 30 per cent of senior managers. As a leader in this setting, the pressure and expectations are high. Leaders require a strategic mindset, and ability to balance the requirements of working in a highly political space, with competing demands from varying stakeholders.

Facilitated by industry expert Ruth McGowan OAM, the Women in Local Government Leadership Masterclass will assist women leaders to build their legacy. Learn the advanced skills and knowledge needed to enable you to grow in your career and make greater contribution to the performance of your organisations, benefitting communities now and into the future.

Why should you attend this masterclass?
  • Understand how politicians think & learn how this impacts project delivery
  • Unlock the power of diversity through building inclusive teams
  • Learn how to communicate effectively as a local government leader
  • Unpack the skills of positive organisational politics in a politically driven organisation
  • Feel confident to grow your professional profile through building a stronger network
Who will attend?
Senior & aspiring female leaders & also male champions of change from Local Councils.

Professionals from HR, learning & development, diversity and inclusion looking to empower leadership within their own organisation

Attend to learn:

  • Develop the essential skills needed as a female leader in Local Government
  • Understand positive organisational politics & become more politically astute
  • Build diverse, inclusive, high performing teams & be a leader of change
  • Hear from a panel of Local Government female leaders & learn how they succeeded

Key Speakers

Ruth McGowan


What People Are Saying

  • “Ruth McGowan is an engaging presenter with expert knowledge of the local government sector and she is passionate about advancing gender equality across all levels of politics. As a former councillor herself and having worked on several political campaigns, Ruth runs lively Campaign Masterclasses to equip women to run for public office successfully. In fact, she has literally written the book on this topic; Get Elected is a valuable resource for any aspiring politician. Her energy and support for leaders to make a difference is contagious. I highly recommend Ruth as a speaker and trainer.”

    Licia Heath
    CEO, Women for Election Australia
  • “Great workshop! The information provided was useful and relevant to the workplace and I got to meet great people. I would highly recommend Criterion Conferences to friends and colleagues.

    Caroline Yvon
    Accountant. ACT Government. 2018 Women in Leadership Workshop attendee


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