Progress your public sector career into more senior & complex roles


Develop the skills to take on more complex roles

Aimed at EL 1-2 level officers and management, this interactive, two-day Masterclass will provide you with the expertise you need to take on more senior and complex roles within the public sector.

The Public Sector EL1-EL2 Women in Leadership Masterclass will help you to overcome barriers to success faced by women in the workplace, and enable you to enhance and refine your current leadership skills, whilst developing new ones to empower you to take the next step in your career.

Set a career plan, seize opportunities for progression and learn how to purposefully lead yourself, your team and your organisation into the workplace of the future.

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Why should you attend this masterclass?
  • Define who you are as a leader and set yourself a plan for career progression
  • Learn how to engage effectively with diverse interests, values and perspectives
  • Develop the skills to communicate with presence and authenticity
  • Understand how to lead the cross generational emerging workforce

Who will attend?
Female aspiring, emerging and existing leaders across the Australian Public Sector, and male champions of change, with the roles of:
  • EL1 & EL2
  • Directors
  • Assistant Directors
  • Specialists
  • Senior Officers
  • Senior Advisors

Benefits of attending

  • Understand yourself as a leader in the APS & what you want to achieve
  • Build your team’s capabilities & improve performance through strengths based leadership
  • Become an enterprise leader with the skills to lead change & transformation across your department or agency
  • Learn how to lead the cross-generational, diverse & inclusive APC workforce

Key Speakers

Cath Nolan
Principal Coach & Managing Director
Gender Gap Gone


What People Are Saying

  • “Great workshop! The information provided was useful and relevant to the workplace and I got to meet great people. I would highly recommend Criterion Conferences to friends and colleagues”

    Caroline Yvon
    Caroline Yvon, ACT Government
  • “Kathryn was outstanding. It was a great day, which pushed the boundaries of thinking and comfort.”

    Bernadette Pogorzelski
    Bernadette Pogorzelski, Guilford Young College


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