Develop key leadership skills, strengthen your network & leave a lasting leadership legacy
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11th & 12th February 2020
Novotel Sydney Central
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Empowering women to advance their careers in insurance
The Women in Insurance Leadership Summit will give you 12 CPD points with NIBA.

The Women in Insurance Leadership Summit will give you 15 CIP points with ANZIIF.

According to current statistics from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, women occupy only 12% of top management positions in insurance and just 1% of insurance firms have a female CEO in Australia. Because of this, we have developed the Women in Insurance Leadership Summit to bring together some of the field’s foremost female leaders and male champions of change. Through interactive sessions, anecdotal presentations and engaging panel discussions, attendees will gain key strategies and techniques for career progression in insurance and learn how to develop a lasting leadership legacy.

Learn practical strategies to
  • Overcome obstacles to career progression & build resilience
  • Bring others along on the journey & leave a positive leadership legacy
  • Juggle personal & professional responsibilities even in tough times
  • Seize the right opportunities for you & know when to make your move
  • Build better professional relationships to underpin your career
  • Make your value visible & lead with influence & impact
Who will attend?
  • Current, future & aspiring women leaders from all roles in insurance
  • HR, Diversity, Learning & Development, Inclusion & Cultural Change professionals
  • Male Champions of Change & those looking to better understand the challenges women face in the industry

Learn how to:

  • Elevate your communication skills to make an impact
  • Develop relationships to underpin your success
  • Leave a positive leadership legacy
  • Develop a better work/life balance

Key Speakers

Jennifer Lang
Aimee McGuinness
Chief Underwriting Officer
Allianz Partners
Rob Whelan
Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer
Insurance Council of Australia
Katherine Gobbi
Chief Executive Officer



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