Enhancing key skills for female leaders working in ICT & digital space


Empowering women to advance their careers in the ICT & digital space
With less than 10% of ICT & Digital leadership roles occupied by women, now is the time to define your journey and hone your leadership skills to be ready to step into more senior and complex roles.

The Advancing Women's Leadership in ICT & Digital Roles masterclass is specifically designed for current and aspiring female leaders in the ICT & digital sector. Through this interactive course, learn the necessary skills and strategies to overcome obstacles and adversity, to develop influential communication skills, and foster the resilience and productivity you need to thrive in the industry.

Intimate and hands-on, this unique networking and learning opportunity will facilitate real connections and personal development, whilst helping you to master the steps to reach your ultimate career goals.

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Why you should attend this masterclass?
  • Explore what it means to be an empowered female leader in the ICT & Digital space
  • Develop strategies to keep up with growing expectations on ICT professionals
  • Learn how to attract and retain talent into highly competitive ICT & Digital roles
  • Build resilience & foster productivity in even the most demanding times
  • Effectively manage a worldwide team & reduce employee turnover
  • Promote yourself as a leader in your organisation

Who will attend?
Current, emerging and future female leaders in ICT & digital roles, including but not limited to:
  • Chief Information, Digital, Data, Technology Officers & Directors
  • Directors, Managers and Heads of ICT/IT, Technology, Digital
  • IT Project Managers and Lead roles in Digital, Transformation, Technology, Change, SAP, Web, Data, Information Management, Software & Applications, Cloud, Analytics, Service Delivery, Data Analytics & Scientists

Attend to learn:

  • Thrive as an authentic female leader and develop your strategic leadership vision
  • Foster resilience & productivity as an ICT & digital leader
  • Advance your communication skills and lead with influence & impact

Key Speakers

Claire Harrison
Executive Coach & Facilitator


What People Are Saying

  • “What a stimulating experience!! The masterclass was a perfect mix of topics, people, shared experiences and stories. Claire is a brilliant coach and excellent facilitator. Highly recommend!”

    Jenal Dhar
    Information Technology Risk & Assurance Lead, SA Water
  • “What does a masterclass in leadership for women in ICT and digital roles involve? Surprisingly all the things leaders are grappling with today: effectiveness that draws its energy from you whole self, vulnerability, thinking from a strengths based perspective, letting go of perfection, anchoring your values to your work style, communicating and being present, setting boundaries and creating an environment of innovation. Easy! Claire Harrison makes it seem tangible and achievable. She inspired 12 women to jump into a new way of working and it starts with small steps #growthmindset #creativity #strengthsbased”

    Lauren Callaway
    Commander, Victoria Police
  • “Claire from ThriveU is an insightful leader who has a wealth of knowledge and coaches with a naturally inspiring style. This work is valuable for all leaders in digital.”

    Amanda Kelly
    Account Director, Daily Mail Australia


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