8th Annual
Collaborating to improve tunnel operations & safety

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Enhance stakeholder collaboration for better operations & maintenance

More tunnels are being planned and constructed in Australia now than ever before to overcome increasing urban congestion. Tunnels are complicated to operate and maintain because they require precise plans and procedures to reduce the interruption of traffic flow. They also have unique safety challenges due to limited accessibility and their subterranean nature. Collaboration between stakeholders is imperative to ensure the risk of incident can be mitigated and efficiently addressed should it arise.

The Tunnel Operations & Maintenance conference will provide practical strategies for improving tunnel operations and management at every stage of the journey, from design and construction through to ongoing maintenance and every day operations, with a key focus on improving safety and emergency response procedures. Learn from innovative case studies and international speakers to improve tunnels around the country.

Attend & learn

  • How to include considerations for operations in design & construction
  • Lessons learnt from leading tunnel operators to enhance your operations & reduce cost
  • How to reduce disruptions during tunnel maintenance
  • Strategies to proactively manage fire safety in tunnels
  • Insights into improving connections between ITS in tunnels & the rest of the network

Who will attend?

  • Tunnel operations & maintenance (40%)
  • Infrastructure design (20%)
  • Tunnel construction (10%)
  • Fire safety (20%)
  • State Road Authorities (10%)

Attend to learn:

  • Enhance tunnel operation through improved tunnel design
  • Apply innovative technology to advance tunnel operations
  • Ensure efficient & cost effective tunnel operations
  • Proactively enhancing incident response & tunnel safety