Enriching communities with vibrant, sustainable & economically thriving spaces
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12th & 13th May 2020
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Enriching communities with vibrant, sustainable & economically thriving spaces

Town and city centres are the cornerstone of social, cultural, and economic growth within a local community. Strategic design plays a critical role in ensuring that these public spaces are vibrant and well-integrated, so it is essential that all levels of government to develop thriving spaces for residents, workers, and visitors to enjoy.

The 3rd Annual Revitalising Town & City Centres conference will tackle the challenges of placemaking and city activation in order to improve our public environments and boost local economies. Hear from industry leaders and discover best practices to enhance community consultation, improve the rollout of cross-government projects and streamline both small and large-scale activations, irrespective of your resources or population size.

Overcome hurdles, hear insights & network with peers on

  • Creating spaces with a purpose beyond ‘liveability’
  • Empowering women & supporting diversity through placemaking
  • Collaborating with local government & the private sector to solve key problems for strategic centres
  • Developing smart city initiatives using smart technology & data to provide greater public value

How did delegates benefit at the 2019 Town & City Centres conference?

  • 95% would recommend this conference to their industry peers
  • 93% referred to the event as excellent platform to address challenges & create viable strategies
  • 90% appreciated the many networking opportunities

Who will attend?

Local Councils & State Governments with responsibilities for:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Economic Development
  • Urban Planning, Town Planning, Urban Design, City Design, Town Design
  • Strategic Projects
  • Place Making, Strategy, Planning, Management
  • Planning Consultants, Property Developers and Architects

Attend to learn:

  • Engage the community for greater public ownership of place
  • Improve government & cross-council collaboration
  • Innovate for smarter city initiatives
  • Strategise for long-term resilience & sustainability