Embracing Technological and Cultural Change to Develop Student-Focused Learning Spaces
Conference Date
14th & 15th August 2018
CQ Functions Melbourne
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Strategies to develop student-focused learning environments
As modern students require flexible teaching spaces allowing for technologyrich, dynamic learning experience and collaboration, Australian tertiary education providers have to develop new learning spaces to attract and retain students.

They need to rethink how these spaces are designed and operated as well as how to get their pedagogy in line with these physical changes to remain institutions of choice and to improve student outcomes.

The Tertiary Learning Spaces conference will explore how to
  • Develop integrated learning environments
  • Implement new technology when it evolves so quickly
  • Make students partners on this journey
  • Establish effective collaboration across departments
  • Utilise space effectively
  • Create flexible learning and teaching spaces in the long term
Who will attend?
Leaders from tertiary education providers with a responsibility for:
  • Learning Environments
  • Space Planning
  • Campus Development
  • Technology
  • Teaching & Learning

Attend to learn:

  • Develop student-focused learning spaces
  • Use technology & innovation effectively
  • Match pedagogy in line with new trends
  • Achieve a collaborative approach to teaching & learning

Key Speakers

Lorraine Pearce
Space Manager
University of Canterbury, NZ
Professor Michael Sankey
Deputy Director (Learning Transformation)
Griffith University
David Suder
Deputy Executive Director & Director Campus Development
Monash University
Richard Leonard
Board Member
Learning Environments Australasia


What People Are Saying

  • “Great flow of different approaches and ideas.”

    Harald Baulis
    The University of Adelaide Tertiary Learning Space Design conference attendee, 2016
  • “The conference was an excellent showcase for a range of elements related to
    promoting student experiences.”

    Lorraine Walker
    Monash University Tertiary Learning Space Design conference attendee, 2016


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