Enabling industry collaboration to develop STEM & optimise student learning
Conference Date
27th August 2019
International Visualisation Centre (IVC), Adelaide
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Driving STEM throughout a curriculum
STEM has come along way since its first application, however, there are still challenges that remain with incorporating STEM into the curriculum and advancing the techniques in which we implement and develop STEM.

The 2019 Advancing in STEM Education Roadshow will address how you can improve pedagogies to drive inquiry based, context led teaching and learning. The conference will provide practical solutions to common challenges in STEM advancement and will bring together STEM experts across the education industry who will share their insights and expertise and provide you with practical takeaways to implement into your own classrooms.

Key conference takeaways
  • Embed cross-curricular STEM
  • Develop valuable partnerships with industry
  • Inspire & empower educational leaders

Who will attend?

Join a diverse group of educational leaders from across your state to discuss strategies to optimise your school's STEM journey.  

Attend to learn:

  • Learn how to construct the right lesson plans to encourage cross-curricular STEM
  • Build partnerships with industries & use industry learning to motivate your students
  • Drive staff engagement by encouraging professional development

Key Speakers

Felicity Furey
Power of Engineering
Ross Willoughby
Coding & Robotics Teacher
Westminster School


What People Are Saying

  • “In a climate of rapid change, “Improving STEM Education & Future Skills” is a hot agenda item. Criterion Conferences gave the time and space to discuss these important issues and their impact on contemporary schooling. From getting starting with STEM right through to understanding the possibilities, the conference allowed participants to dig deep with their beliefs and understandings around STEM Education. Put it on your “must attend” list!”

    Aisha Kristiansen
    Christ the King Primary School, Victoria
  • “STEM is an opportunity for young students to work collaboratively and creatively to solve problems/challenges that have a real-world context. Criterion Conferences gathered together a diverse group of experts to show how obstacles can be overcome, programs designed, curricula aligned and external agencies engaged so that effective STEM education can be embedded in school culture. Well done Criterion Conference team!”

    Wayne Williams
    St Marys College, Tasmania
  • “Professional partnerships are of utmost importance in moving forward with a 21st Century approach to Future Learning. Criterion Conferences connects external expert professionals with their education counterparts to build capacity and drive learning in STEAM.”

    Bernadette van de Wijngaard
    Raymond Terrace Public School
  • “The conference was excellent, I have learnt so much about what schools are doing in STEM. It was informative, inspiring and an excellent opportunity to meet enthusiastic teachers.”

    Barbara Moutray
    St Joseph’s College


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