Creating a whole of school culture towards STEM & 21st Century Learning
Conference Date
16th & 17th October 2018
The Peninsula, Melbourne
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Driving an integrated approach to STEM & future skills

As STEM education continues to evolve, Australian schools need to rethink how to integrate a multidisciplinary approach to STEM initiatives. On top of this, the changing demands of 21st century employers and student interests have made STEM a contentious topic with some educators seeing it as an additional workload to fit into a crowded curriculum.

The 9th conference in our STEM series will go beyond the surface level to investigate what STEM means today and address the deeper questions that students need to answer in contemporary learning. The 9th Improving STEM Education & Future Skills conference will focus on developing a whole of school culture to embedding STEM across the curriculum, investigate the best pedagogical approaches to implementing STEM and foster authentic links in STEM learning through industry partnerships and future skills.

The conference will feature primary and secondary school tailored streams. However, attendees will have the freedom to move between streams to attend the session that is right for you.

This conference will focus on

  • The evolution of STEM education
  • Authentically embedding STEM & digital technologies
  • How to teach STEM through the latest pedagogical approaches
  • Developing a contemporary learning program that works in your school’s context
  • Creating authentic learning through industry partnerships
  • Practical strategies to teach & measure future skills

Who will attend?

  • 60% Heads of: Science, Math, Technologies
  • 15% Heads of STEM
  • 10% Curriculum Coordinators
  • 10% Principals & Deputy Principals
  • 5% Teaching & Learning

Attend to learn:

  • Drive an integrated approach to STEM
  • Equip students with skills for the future
  • Embedding future skills through industry partnerships & authentic learning
  • Enhance the pedagogical approaches to STEM