Strategies for leveraging female talent at an executive level
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10th August 2018
Hilton Sydney
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Accelerating the Advancement of Female Leaders & Executive Teams

An organisation’s success depends heavily on the capability and effectiveness of its leadership team. Without providing equal opportunities for men and women you cannot ensure you are getting the best leadership available. Yet women continue to be vastly underrepresented in leadership positions across Australia. Of the ASX 200 companies only 11 of them have female CEOs, and 41 don’t have a woman on their executive leadership team. - Chief Executive Women ASX 200 Senior Executive Census 2017

Is your organisation maximising the potential of its female leaders?
This executive education forum is an opportunity for progressive leadership teams to come together to enhance the capability of senior and aspiring female leaders and the strength and diversity of your executive team.

Program outcomes
The How Star Women Succeed Executive Forum is a unique executive education experience that will offer professional women practical tips for nurturing their careers and finding their own brand of success. The sessions are designed to offer participants practical insights on leadership, managing and working in teams as well as an opportunity to network with a new community of female leader peers and male change champions.

Professor Groysberg of Harvard Business School will lead discussion through a combination of interactive lectures, case studies, exercises, videos and small group discussions. Delegates will compare and contrast different individual leadership styles by learning how women in many industries handle the challenges of leadership.

Topics of discussion include
  • Delegating and managing talent
  • Developing your franchise
  • Building a stronger network of relationships
  • Assessing the resources available from your professional and personal networks
  • Understanding and developing strategies to address gender-related issues
  • The organisational benefits of a diverse leadership team
What you will gain by attending
  • Practical insights on leadership and professional development from women who have successfully led teams & entire organisations
  • Key skills on analysing issues, exercising judgment and making difficult decisions
  • Strategies for navigating change and challenges along the career path
  • Share thinking and build your network with fellow participants
  • Apply key concepts to your own situations
Who should attend?
This executive forum is designed for senior and aspiring leaders from corporate, government and non-profit organisations across Australia including:
  • Female leaders
  • Male change champions
  • Executive leadership teams

Attend to learn:

  • An opportunity for executive teams to learn through the world renowned HBS case method
  • Lead organisational growth & change through accelerating the careers of female leaders
  • Optimise executive leadership capability through enhanced female participation
  • Enhance & maximise professional skill sets through practical insights on leadership development

Key Speakers

Boris Groysberg
Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School


What People Are Saying

  • “Relevant content that clearly resonated with the audience. Engaging presentation style, maintained energy throughout the day accompanies by rich content. Left with insights for implementation directly and for sharing with the team”

  • “Nicely balanced between information, challenge to thinking, insights and networking”

  • “Boris is a phenomenal speaker, the take home value, delivered in such an interesting way, makes it such a worthwhile opportunity to attend”

  • “Great case studies, thought-provoking concepts, excellent presentation style and networking opportunities”

  • “Unquestionably the best event on the calendar. Boris was in top form, take home value was 100%, huge value to the people I brought. Would happily attend this event every quarter if it were available”

  • “Boris was one of the most intelligent and well informed Harvard professors I have seen in action. His use of humour kept me engaged and he also challenged the room quite a lot which kept me thinking and re-evaluating my thoughts. The content was incredibly relevant to me and I learnt more today than I have in a long time. Thank you!”


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