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11th & 12th April 2019
Four Points by Sheraton Perth
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Your guide to effective outcomes measurement & evaluation from theory to practice
For-purpose organisations are driven by their mission and want to know that the work they are doing is making a difference and creating positive social change. Critical to the ability for organisations to do this is effective outcomes measurement.

Whether you are looking at how to improve measurement for funding purposes, reporting requirements, or service design and delivery, this masterclass will equip you with the tools and knowledge to drive continuous improvement to help advance the social impact of your organisation.

The How to Measure & Evaluate Social Outcomes Masterclass will take a deep dive into recent trends and tools in impact measurement and will provide you with the skills to enable you to be more strategic in the way you prioritise, measure and report on your outcomes.

Key benefits of attending
  • Develop a more strategic approach to your application of outcomes measurement
  • Gain a modern outcomes toolkit and arm yourself with the right skills and knowledge
  • Improve the management of complexity in outcomes measurement
  • Learn how to get the right systems and processes in place that work for your organisation
Why should you attend this masterclass?
  • Get case consultation with a leading expert in social outcomes measurement
  • Move your project to the next step - bring your outcomes data and get expert and peer-reviewed feedback
  • Build valuable connections with like-minded people -  get the chance to develop a community of practice to support you on your continuing outcomes journey
Who will attend?
Representatives of the Not-for-Profit organisations with roles and responsibility for:
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Program Manager
  • Research
  • Evaluation
  • Measurement
  • Impact
  • Strategy
  • Reporting
  • Policy/Finance
Sponsorship Opportunities
We work closely with corporate partners to create unique and innovative tailored sponsorship packages that best meet specific sales, marketing and business development objectives. Contact Faye Hampton on or 02 9239 5737 to find out more about sponsorship opportunities.

Attend to learn:

  • Develop a more strategic approach to outcomes measurement
  • Apply modern measurement & evaluation tools and frameworks to advance your work
  • Unpack opportunities & challenges in transitioning to digital outcomes
  • Enhance stakeholder engagement & work towards a co-design approach
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Key Speakers

Jen Riley
Principal Consultant
Clear Horizon

What People Are Saying

  • “This conference met all my expectations and more. The right people, topic, content and opportunities to network”

    Kim Casburn
    Head of Service Innovation & Research, Royal Care West
  • “This is a conference that will give you the courage and some skills to embark on the social outcomes journey – or to pick it up again if you flag.”

    Barbara Bates
    Executive Officer, Paint the Town Read


  • Date: 6 Feb 2019  By: Ash Natesh

    “Organisations have the inability to be vulnerable, they often use measurement to only ever share good news stories” Bessi Graham, Co-Founder, Benefit Capital (Keynote at the Measuring Social Outcomes Conference 2018) Measurement, as Bessi mentioned, should be about what we actually deliver to the cause/people that the organisation is fighting for. Measurement needs to be …

  • Date: 2 Aug 2018  By: Ash Natesh

    The measuring social outcomes conference kicked off with Bessi Graham, Co-Founder of Benefit Capital. She brought to light how measurement for not for profit should not be viewed as an afterthought, but as a core part of the organisation. “Organisations have the inability to be vulnerable, they often use measurement to only ever share good …

  • Date: 4 Feb 2016  By: Lindsey Eifler

    Things are changing for the NGO sector.  There is a trend away from block funding and towards models that see providers operating in a marketplace environment (think the NDIS, Consumer Directed Care and the recently announced Mental Health Reforms). So how do you ensure your NGO survives in the new environment? We’ve heard how many …

  • Date: 12 Aug 2015  By: Dr Ruth Knight

    Many organisations are being asked to demonstrate the results of their programs and services. To do this they are using outcomes measurement. Outcomes measurement is the term used to explain the process of assessing and evaluating the results of an activity, policy, intervention, process, or program. Typically, the approach assesses the extent to which the …