The 6th
Outcomes focused approaches to better manage & prevent violence & aggression
Conference Date
21st & 22nd April 2020
CQ Functions Melbourne
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Empowering staff through training, leadership & evidence-based practice
Occupational violence and aggression (OVA) continue to affect front line staff right across healthcare. Hospitals, aged care and disability services often face complex cases involving OVA and behaviours of concern that impact the safety of staff and the care they can provide for their patients, residents or clients.

In recent years, we have seen positive change towards tackling this issue with an increased focus on safety culture and the introduction of new preventative and reactive models of care. However, with unacceptable violence and aggression still rife within healthcare, we need to be taking a multidisciplinary, evidence-based approach to the management of OVA and behavioural issues from both staff safety and patient-centred lens.

For the 6th time, the Improving Safety & Security in Healthcare conference will bring together key stakeholders to develop solutions to address this issue. Building on the success of our past Hospital Safety and Security conference series, this year’s conference will also focus on OVA and behaviours of concern in Aged Care and Disability Services as well as hospitals. You will learn about successful models that have achieved a reduction in OVA or improved the management of behaviours of concern. You will also walk away with new insight on multidisciplinary responses to better manage OVA.

As Australia’s only conference that focuses on the issue of occupational violence, aggression and behavioural management in healthcare, this event is not to be missed. Join us, where we translate policy and procedure into tangible and real-life practice.

What will you take away from this conference? 
  • Solution-focused approaches to address common OVA challenges with 5 new case studies
  • Insights from award-winning hospitals & programs in the prevention & management of OVA
  • Practical skills to manage actual or potential aggression
  • Alternative interventions to minimise restrictive practices
  • Evidence on clinical tools to effectively assess risk
  • Strategies to better support & empower staff post-incident
Who will attend?
Healthcare organisations, including:
  • Public & Private Hospitals
  • Local Health Districts & Area Health Services
  • Disability Service Providers
  • Aged Care Providers
With roles & responsibility for:
  • Security Services
  • Patient Support Services
  • Facility Management
  • OVA
  • People & Culture
  • Operations
Clinicians responsible for:
  • Drug & Alcohol
  • Aged Care/ Dementia
  • General Medicine
  • Midwifery
  • Emergency
  • Mental Health

Attend to learn how to

  • Embed best practice OVA training models in your health service
  • Implement preventative, patient-centred & trauma informed models of care
  • Develop new risk assessment methods & tools
  • Strengthen multidisciplinary responses to OVA
  • Improve incident reporting, investigation & response
  • Leverage emerging technology & solutions to support a safety culture
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Key Speakers

Dr Ainslie Senz
Director of Emergency & Emergency Physician
Footscray Hospital, VIC
Sue Ramsay
Head of Security
Auckland District Health Board, NZ
Jeremy Coulson
Area Security Manager
East Metropolitan Health Service, WA
Anna Love
Chief Mental Health Nurse Victoria
Department of Health & Human Services VIC


What People Are Saying

  • This conference was fantastic. All the topics were relevant and the presenters were credible and passionate about their topics. It was a great opportunity to network and develop relationships with others throughout Australia in similar and associated roles to mine that I will be able to use to bounce ideas and get advice from.

    Steve Bills
    Group Manager Security, Monash Health & Improving Hospital Safety & Security Conference Attendee 2019
  • Great 2 days, range of presentations covered the relevant areas, it meets my expectations. The diversity of participants allowed for a fantastic networking opportunity and to take away great ideas and new contacts

    Shane Hoyland
    Prevention Management - Violence and Aggression Coordinator, Central Coast Local Health & Improving Hospital Safety & Security Conference Attendee 2019
  • The Improving Hospital Safety and Security conference by Criterion was exactly what I needed as a representative of my health service. The learnings of other health services and interdisciplinary teams have kept me abreast of the best evidence-based practice and innovative ideas to tackle OVA in our health service. Thanks for a great conference!

    Patrice Murray
    Assistant Director of Nursing, Canberra Health Services & Improving Hospital Safety & Security Conference Attendee 2019


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