Realising the benefits of big data, intelligence & analysis
Conference Date
27th & 28th February 2018
Canberra Rex Hotel
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Use intelligence & analysis to strengthen compliance
Data offers great possibilities to regulators. It can help prevent and detect non-compliance, define where future resources should be focused and ultimately shape future regulatory strategy.

The right regulatory approach, influenced by sophisticated analysis, as well as a deep understanding of the motivations of stakeholders, can achieve great outcomes and significantly strengthen compliance operations.

Attend the Refining Regulation to Strengthen Compliance conference to learn how to:
  • Harness big data and realise its possibilities
  • Build intelligence capabilities by understanding and analysing data better
  • Develop regulatory frameworks that promote compliance
  • Implement innovative compliance & enforcement practices
  • Prevent and minimise non-compliance with the right regulatory approach
Who will attend?
Regulators, federal and state government departments and associations with responsibility for:
  • Regulation
  • Compliance & Enforcement
  • Intelligence
  • Regulatory Strategy

Attend to learn:

  • Harness big data & realise its possibilities
  • Understand & analyse data better to strengthen compliance
  • Implement innovative compliance & enforcement practices
  • Develop regulatory frameworks that promote compliance
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Key Speakers

Scott Gregson
Executive General Manager, Enforcement
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Anna Cronin
Better Regulation Victoria
Sue McCarrey
Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator
Dr Kim Johnstone
NSW Data Analytics Centre


What People Are Saying

  • “A great opportunity to learn about issues that are common to all of us as regulators”

    Omar Ameer
    Department of Environment & Heritage Protection QLD & Innovating for Better Regulatory Outcomes conference, 2017 attendee
  • “The regulatory innovation conference showcased some of the best work occurring in the sector and gave me a better understanding of what is practically achievable.”

    Kate Jackson
    Department of Energy and Water Supply QLD & Innovating for Better Regulatory Outcomes conference, 2017 attendee


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