7th Annual
Delivering quality outcomes for road networks through cost effective practices
Conference Date
18th & 19th April 2018
Sydney Boulevard Hotel
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Extend your road’s life cycle through innovative & cost effective techniques
Road network maintenance strategies demand more for every dollar spent. This requires the development of innovative ways to get more performance from current roads.

The 7th Annual Road Engineering & Maintenance conference will feature case studies on improving protocol for road asset management, contract performance and technical processes on road and pavement engineering. All case studies are focused on delivering value for money and improving life cycle quality of road networks.

What will you take away from attending?
  • How to effectively plan your road maintenance works
  • How to improve the formulation & appraisal of your maintenance contracts
  • How to maximise your assets life cycle through innovative engineering
Who will attend?
Senior leaders, directors and managers from State & Local Government & industry associations with responsibility for:
  • Strategic & Networking Planning
  • Infrastructure Development & Management
  • Highway & Network Management
  • Asset Management & Maintenance
  • Contract Development & Management
  • Road Maintenance & Engineering
Along with state government representatives, developers, architects, designers

Attend to learn:

  • Discover award winning practices & techniques
  • Lower your renewal & maintenance costs
  • Improve data use to drive asset management
  • Two days of industry networking & knowledge sharing

Key Speakers

Peter Holcombe Henley
Director Commercial Roads
Peter Levett
Project Manager
City of Salisbury
Michael Jacobson
Asset Engineer Roading
Christchurch City Council


What People Are Saying

  • “Well organised conference, excellent breadth of presenters, a lot of positive examples of working through a wide range of challenges at all levels”

    Rachel Sutcliffe
    Blue Mountains City Council & Attendee at Road Engineering & Maintenance conference 2017


  • Date: 21 Mar 2018  By: Peter Levett

    In this short article Peter Levett of the City of Salisbury details the modern engineering techniques that his team and council are investigating and implementing as the work towards creating a sustainable living city. A sustainable city doesn’t just mean recycling or reusing waste materials, instead it means investigating and adopting best practice and innovation. …

  • Date: 11 Apr 2017  By: Mahbub Hossain

    The Campbelltown City Council area has 718 kilometres of local road infrastructure assets, with a replacement cost of approximately $400 million. The rapid growth of Campbelltown City, from 25,000 residents in 1966 to more than 160,000 today, has required a significant investment in infrastructure, including the road network, to service the ever-growing residential, commercial and …

  • Date: 4 Apr 2017  By: Antony Sprigg

    Environment, Social, Economic, Governance: the four pillars that make up the quadruple bottom line of sustainability. This can be translated to the management of impacts on, and the enhancement of: Environment: flora, fauna, air, water, land Social: community, stakeholders, heritage, workforce, supply chain Economic: financial sustainability, budgets, materials’ lifecycles, maintenance cycles Governance: asset maturity, risk …

  • Date: 19 Oct 2015  By: Mark Daniels

    Our purchasing decisions influence the way that supply chains develop. Seeking the lowest price at all costs can result in supply chains with layers of hidden costs through damage to the environment and to the communities involved in that supply chain. However, there are great examples where buyers have changed supply chains in order to deliver …

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