Utilising frameworks & measurements to drive innovation & best practice
Conference Date
14th & 15th November 2018
Sydney Harbour Marriott
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Striving towards risk maturity & positive risk culture in Government

Although risk management is not a new concept in the Australian Public Service, the sector continues to lack risk maturity and remains rather risk averse. Consequently, government departments and agencies face the threat of being left behind in adequate risk management in what is an increasingly complex and diverse sector. International and domestic benchmarks and guidelines, set out in the ISO 31000:2018 and the TPP- 15 respectively, have highlighted areas where work needs to be done to ensure the government sector is at a good standard in risk management. Key gaps in understanding shared risk and building a positive risk culture across government departments and agencies have been identified.

The Strategic Risk Management in Government conference will address the need for government departments and agencies to better communicate the role and aims of risk management in overall organisational strategy, how to embed risk management in planning processes using appropriate frameworks, fostering a positive risk culture and appetite to encourage innovation, effective data-driven measurements of risk and the future of risk management in emerging areas of risk such as climate change and cyber-security.

Why attend this conference?

  • Explore how risk can be communicated as a value-add to your organisations
  • Identify where risk is shared & how data can inform better decisions
  • Learn where risks can be measured & how that can improve strategy & foster innovation
  • Integrate strategies in your organisations to mitigate fraud, corruption & cyber risks

Who will attend?

Senior representatives from Federal, State & Local Government with responsibilities for:

  • Risk
  • Audit
  • Compliance
  • Governance

Attend to learn:

  • Drive best practice by embedding risk management in planning processes & utilising frameworks
  • Employ data-driven methods for risk measurement
  • Encourage organisational engagement to foster innovation & positive risk culture
  • Future proof organisations from emerging risks & political uncertainty