Using new technologies & collaborative approaches
Conference Date
20th & 21st February 2019
Canberra Rex Hotel
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Driving change & improving regulatory practices
In order to stay one step ahead, regulators need to be innovators themselves – proactive uses of new technologies and collaborative approaches in order to be dynamic, agile and effective. The Innovating for Better Regulatory Outcomes conference will share strategies for regulating and responding to new technologies and will demonstrate the ways in which collaboration, stakeholder engagement and co-design can be used to improve regulatory outcomes.

New approaches are emerging for new problems and so much can be learnt and shared across agencies in the strive to be more effective regulators.

Key learnings include
  • Regulating effectively in a dynamic & complex environment
  • Using collaboration & stakeholder engagement
  • Effective co-design in practice
  • How to maximise technology & digital innovation
  • The role of culture & governance of regulated organisations
  • Applying innovative approaches that respond to new regulatory challenges
Who will attend?
Federal, state and local regulators, government departments and associations with responsibility for:
  • Regulation - strategy, design and operations
  • Regulatory innovation
  • Performance, analytics, data analysis
  • Assessment and quality improvement

Attend to learn:

  • Hear case studies on collaboration, stakeholder engagement & co-design
  • Learn how to maximise the use of technology to improve regulatory outcomes
  • Discover how to respond to emerging issues with innovative regulatory practices
  • Understand how to be an agile & dynamic regulator in today’s complex environment

Key Speakers

Jim Cox
Board Member
Australian Energy Regulator
James Tregurtha
First Assistant Secretary, Environment Standards
Department of Environment & Energy
Barbara Wise
Point to Point Transport Commissioner (NSW)
Maarten Quivooy
General Manager, Regulatory Services
Department of Internal Affairs NZ


What People Are Saying

  • “This conference showcased some of the best work occurring in the sector and gave me a better understanding of what is practically achievable.”

    Kate Jackson
    Manager, Regulatory Reform, Department of Energy & Water Supply & Innovating for Better Regulatory Outcomes 2017 conference attendee


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