Overcoming the challenges of digital RIM
Conference Date
18th & 19th October 2017
Canberra Rex Hotel
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Driving excellence in records & information management

How do you find the best approach to digital records and information management for your organisation? Complex cultural issues need to be addressed, systems need integrating and records need to be proactively managed to ensure they remain accessible and usable, not only over time, but periods of organisational and technological change.

The Digital Records & Information Management conference will focus on overcoming the challenges in transitioning to digital records and information management and provide practical examples of how to meet the DC 2020 requirements.

Attend and learn how to:

  • Ensure successful outcomes in digital records management
  • Engage management in digital RIM
  • Develop an information governance model & framework
  • Establish a digital culture
  • Develop user centric approaches to digital documents management
  • Draw upon best practice from different disciplines

Who will attend?

Government departments and agencies with responsibilities for:

  • Information Management
  • Records Management
  • Digital Information
  • Digital Records
  • Corporate Information
  • Archives

Proudly supported by RIMPA


Attend to learn:

  • Establish a digital culture
  • Build a robust information governance framework
  • Measure your organisation’s digital success