Maximising the use of platforms to effectively engage with audiences
Conference Date
10th & 11th April 2018
Aerial UTS Function Centre, Sydney
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Revolutionise your social media strategy
Featuring the following platforms

Social media has become the most effective tool for organisations to communicate and engage with their stakeholders. However most government agencies struggle to use these platforms effectively.

How can bureaucratic messages become innovative and engaging?

Government content does not have to be static and boring. Through understanding the current trends and expectations of how people want to be communicated with, public sector organisations can develop a social media presence that connects with, relates to and engages diverse audiences.

The Optimising Social Media for the Public Sector conference will give you the key skills needed to become a social media guru, through providing strategies to leverage current and emerging platforms, creating interesting and relevant content for your target audiences and effectively measuring the success of your strategy.

Who will attend?
Representatives from Federal, State & Local Government organisations with responsibilities for:
  • Social Media
  • Communications
  • Digital Communications
  • Public Affairs & Relations
  • Stakeholder & Community Engagement

Attend to learn:

  • Generate & align creative content with your social media strategy
  • Maintain ongoing engagement with community stakeholders
  • Develop & sustain a public presence on social media platforms

Key Speakers

Karen Jones
Deputy Chief Executive Public Affairs
New Zealand Police
Matthew Lewis
Social Media Officer
Transport for NSW
Simon Ferguson
Social Media Strategist
Department of Industry, Innovation & Science
Mark Jensen
Head of Marketing & Communications
Western Sydney Wanderers FC


What People Are Saying

  • “Excellent conference, the highest quality speakers across the public sector’s communications field.”

    Matthew Raggatt
    Senior Media Adviser, Fair Work Ombudsman & Public Sector Strategic Communications & Engagement 2017 Conference


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