Strengthening executive leadership for a complex & changing environment
Conference Date
7th & 8th March 2017
Canberra Rex Hotel
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“The public sector needs leaders who will meet the challenge of increasing community expectations in a fast-changing and more complex world”

John Lloyd, Australian Public Service Commissioner, 2016

It is critical for the government to harness leadership excellence for the delivery of essential services, policy design and implementation and to meet the growing expectations of the Australian public.

As the public sector evolves in an era of transformation, innovation and digitalisation there is a clear need to develop the skills required to succeed as an executive public sector leader.

At the conference you will learn practical insights from influential leaders and be given a unique opportunity to reflect on your leadership style and to build a network of contacts for future opportunities.

Find out more about our upcoming Public Sector Women in Leadership - ACT conference.

Attend to learn:

  • Transition from operational to executive leadership

  • Practice influential leadership to drive strategic reform

  • Harness diversity & talent through inclusive leadership

  • Develop essential skills as a high-potential leader

Key Speakers

Dr Tim Soutphommasane
Race Discrimination Commissioner
Australian Human Rights Commission
Ray Johnson APM
Assistant Commissioner
Australian Federal Police
David Hazlehurst
Deputy Secretary
Department of Industry, Innovation & Science


What People Are Saying

  • “Fantastic Conference, if you want to change culture in your work area invest in sending some key people to this conference”

    M Costelloe,
    M Costelloe, Geoscience Australia - Past attendee Public Sector Women in Leadership ACT 2016
  • I had an inspiring, eye-opening, thought-provoking time. I came out of the seminar hugely motivated and brimming with ideas to bring to my workplace. Some of the speakers should be heard by everyone, not just an audience interested in women in leadership

    Steven Saint
    Steven Saint, Developer, Australian Bureau of Statistics - Past attendee Public Sector Leadership Conference 2016
  • “Excellent conference – inspirational speakers – I was completely engaged for two days. I met some amazing people and made great connections who I intend to keep in touch with.”

    Aggie Marek
    Director, Australian Competition & Consumer Commission Public Sector Women in Leadership conference, June 2016, Canberra


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