Unlocking insights & innovation in a data-centric government
Conference Date
28th & 29th November 2017
Sydney Boulevard Hotel
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Data is driving the future of government

The public sector has moved beyond using data to illustrate what we know today we are leveraging analytics to inform the future. Join the next stage in the government data conversation and learn how to boost analytics capability to support process optimisation, discover new insights and drive transformation within an increasingly digitised government.

In a time where data is reshaping the way the public and private sector do business, the Advancing Public Sector Data Analytics conference will highlight innovative case-studies from senior data analysts and thought leaders across the Australian government.

Attend & learn strategies for:

  •  Communicating the value of data & aligning this with organisational strategy
  •  Boosting analytics capability to unlock new insights
  •  Increasing data sharing and linkage through open data
  •  Encouraging innovation through new trends, tools & technologies
  •  Utilising data to drive a digital government
  •  Creating a powerful message through visualisation & data storytelling

Who will attend?

State & federal public sector representatives with responsibilities for:

  • Data Analytics
  • Data Sharing, Linkage & Reform
  • Business Analytics & Insights
  • Research & Reporting
  • Performance & Strategy
  • Information Architects
  • Statistics

Attend to learn:

  • Communicate the value of data & align this with organisational strategy
  • Encourage innovation through new trends, tools & technologies
  • Explore how data is driving a digital government
  • Gain out-of-sector insights to apply in the public sector