Driving government’s transformation initiatives, from policy to service delivery
Conference Date
20th & 21st February 2018
Canberra Rex Hotel
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Transforming services to be simple, clear and fast
Digital Transformation isn’t just about knowing where you want to be, it’s about understanding and overcoming the huge challenges in getting there. From policy to technical capabilities, to customer-centric service design, this conference will deliver lessons learnt and case studies from departments and agencies in the midst of their digital transformation journey. Providing the perfect opportunity to network and build your future strategy.

Benefits of attending the Overcoming the Challenges of Digital Transformation conference:
  • Visualise the potential impacts of new technology on your sector
  • Develop a technology strategy for times of constant change
  • Navigate the unfamiliar terrain of platform sharing
  • Research user needs and embed this into service design
  • Cope with increasing volumes of data and information
Who will attend?
Federal & State Government Departments and Agencies with roles of:
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
Directors/ Managers/ Heads of:
  • Digital Transformation
  • Service Delivery
  • ICT
  • Innovation
  • Web/Online

Attend to learn:

  • Embed a digital transformation strategy & framework
  • Increase agility and efficiency
  • Develop technical capabilities to support strategy
  • Meet customer needs and expectations

Key Speakers

Sharyn Clarkson
Assistant Secretary, Online Services Branch
Department of Finance


What People Are Saying

  • “I don’t underestimate the task ahead — particularly in the context of a large, complex and decentralised organisation such as the federal government. To be successful, there are a couple of challenges and obstacles that will need to be overcome.”

    Gavin Slater
    DTA, addressing the AIIA, August 2017


  • Date: 19 Feb 2017  By: Samuel Clist

    It doesn’t seem long since the DTO was launched and the excitement all began. Digital Government Services was the buzz topic across the Public Sector and Malcolm Turnbull, Minister of Communications at the time, was leading the charge. Fast forward to October 2016 and Angus Taylor MP, now the man leading the agenda, felt it …

  • Date: 1 Feb 2017  By: Rebecca Lee

    How do you overcome the cultural challenges of digital transformation? Why is it so hard? Why bother? One of the most difficult leadership challenges is changing an organisation’s culture. Organisational culture consists of goals, roles, process, values, communication practices, attitudes and assumptions all mixed together. So how do you overcome the challenges associated with such …

  • Date: 30 Mar 2016  By: Criterion Content Team

    Anyone working in public sector customer service will know there have been significant changes in the way government agencies have digitised their interactions with citizens and embraced this new digital era. The digital era has had a huge knock-on effect on all levels of government, particularly local councils. Many local councils are now building a …

  • Date: 10 Jan 2016  By: Jessica Farrelly

    “We wanted to test a hypothesis: that it’s possible to design an approach to structure information that is based around the user, and could potentially scale across government information and services.” – Leisa Reichelt, Head of Service Design at the Digital Transformation Office The Digital Transformation Office is working to present government information and services …

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