Strategising to meet the standards & improve quality
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26th & 27th September 2018
Sydney Boulevard Hotel
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Are you ready for accreditation under the 2nd edition of the NSQHS standards?
With assessment against the 2nd edition of NSQHS standards due to begin in January 2019, there is increasing pressure on hospitals to improve processes to become accreditation ready. However, meeting new elements like Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health, breaking down comprehensive care, and embedding consumer partnerships pose major challenges.

The Transitioning to the 2nd Edition of the NSQHS Standards conference is a unique opportunity to engage with industry leaders, leading hospitals and health services to understand the new elements of the 2nd edition and learn practical strategies to transition your organisation for accreditation and ongoing quality improvement.

What will you gain by attending?
  • Ideas to strengthen clinical governance and quality assurance structures
  • Strategies on how to build a culture of continuous quality improvement across your health organisation
  • Case studies from leading hospitals on partnering with consumers
  • In-depth look at how to tackle comprehensive care
  • Advice from expert auditors on how to prepare the evidence you need for assessment against the 2nd edition standards
Who will attend?
Chief Medical Officers, Executive Leaders, Directors and Managers from hospitals, LHDs, LHNs, and other health services with responsibilities for:
  • Quality
  • Clinical Governance
  • Accreditation
  • Nursing
  • Compliance
  • Improvement
  • Risk & Safety
  • Consumer Liaison/Engagement
  • Pharmacy
  • Blood Management
  • Infection Control

Attend to learn:

  • Adapting process & structures to meet the 2nd edition
  • Engaging clinicians to grow a culture of ongoing quality improvement
  • Developing strategies to meet new elements and standards 2, 5 & 6
  • Gathering evidence & preparing for audits & accreditation
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Key Speakers

Pene Dobell-Brown
Healthcare Certification Key Client Manager
Dr Glen Farrow
Director Clinical Governance
Sydney Children's Hospital Network
Dr Simon Towler
Clinical Lead South Metropolitan Health Service Futures Program & Former Chief Medical Officer
South Metropolitan Health Service & Western Australian Department of Health
Deb Dwyer
Director of Nursing
John Fawkner Private Hospital


What People Are Saying

  • I found the ‘Improving Performance Against the NSQHS Standards’ event to be an infusion of thought leadership, practical application excellence and the sharing of the brightest ideas

    Matthew Holgate
    Program Manager, DNV GL & attendee of the 'Improving Performance Against the NSQHS Standards' Conference 2016
  • I found the conference very informative and thought provoking. The networking opportunities were great and the round table discussions allowed for some interesting discussions.

    Linda Goodwin
    Quality Manager, Peninsula Health & attendee of the 'Measuring to Meet NSQHS Standards' Conference 2015


  • Date: 19 Jul 2018  By: Tim Tran

    The recent national conference on Implementing the 2nd Edition of the NSQHS Standards was a great success, with over 100 attendees from across Australia coming together to learn, network, and discuss practical strategies, with advice from leading hospitals and experienced surveyors. Highlights from the conference: Associate Professor Andrew Wilson from Safer Care Victoria opened the …

  • Date: 11 May 2017  By: Pene Dobell-Brown

    The new version of the NSQHS Standards is now available, and there are several key changes that will have an impact on how you establish and monitor the infection, prevention and control surveillance systems within your health care facility. The first change is the revision of the intent of standard three, to now include effective …

  • Date: 2 Mar 2016  By: Nick May

    Nick May is an experienced Nurse Educator based at Royal Perth Hospital in WA. Like many, I periodically get frustrated when, faced with the latest problem, I am directed to “Go and educate everyone about XXX”. When it comes to complex problems – like preventing hospital-acquired blood-stream infections – is education just a convenient box that, …

  • Date: 21 Feb 2016  By: Jessica Farrelly

    Partnering with Consumers is proving to be the most challenging NSQHS Standard to comply with, according to a survey carried out by Criterion earlier this year. We questioned 173 clinical and administrative hospital staff from across Australia on how they felt they were performing against the NSQHS standards. While Standard 2 was the most problematic, the majority …