Building and transitioning a quality workforce to withstand sector reform
Conference Date
14th & 15th February 2017
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney
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The NDIS is set to double the disability service workforce. With choice and control being in the hands of the consumer the NDIS market place is becoming increasingly competitive, making recruiting and retaining a quality workforce difficult. This conference will provide techniques to invest in your workforce to ensure future sustainability. Our speakers will provide you with strategies to find efficiencies whilst maintaining quality and excellence. The agenda will address cost and time effective methods to transition your complex workforce to an outcome driven model, uphold training methods and establish your competitive advantage.

Key areas of focus:

  • Minimising risk in a casual and unskilled workforce
  • Recruiting & retaining the right staff to minimise turnover of employees and clients
  • Strategies to link the right employee with the right client for quality service & customer-centricity
  • Driving your workforce to become more commercially minded & outcome focused
  • Selecting the right IT system to enable workforce mobility & organisational efficiency

Who will attend?

Senior representatives from disability service providers, government and peak bodies with the roles of:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • NDIS Transition
  • Consumer Services
  • Quality, Risk & Compliance
  • Human Resources
  • Workforce Development
  • Learning & Development
  • People & Culture

Free pass applications

Criterion Conferences is delighted to offer a number of free passes to non-government organisations and consumers. To apply please contact

Attend to learn:

  • Techniques to minimise risk when growing a flexible workforce

  • How to recruit & retain quality staff in a competitive market-place

  • Transforming your workforce to become outcome driven

  • Find the right IT system to enable organisational efficiency

Key Speakers

Drew Beswick
OAK Possability (TAS Trial Site)
Clare Allen
Visability (WA Trial Site)
Prof Richard Bruggemann
Senior Practitioner, Disability SA
Department for Communities & Social Inclusion
Chris Dougherty
General Manager, People, Learning & Culture
Endeavour Foundation


What People Are Saying

  • “Another valuable conference. As a vendor exhibitor we were very pleased with the attendance, the format and the support we received from Criterion staff throughout the event”

    Colin Hoschke
  • “This was a very well structured and delivered conference with excellent speakers and highly relevant content.”

    Marcus Stafford
    Chief Executive Officer, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Western Australia
  • “I was pleasantly surprised at how practical the information was. I picked up lots of collective wisdom on practicalities of NDIS sustainability.”

    Carmel Fox
    General Manager, Community Engagement, Link Health
  • “You’ve done it again! Excellent presenters, lovely venue and SO much thought provoking information. Thank you :)”

    Kara Harradine
    Manager Disability Services, Southern Cross Care
  • “A conference that assembled knowledgeable guest speakers delivering topics that were both interesting and thought provoking.”

    Past Attendee of Redesigning Business Models for the NDIS, 2016


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