Understanding & measuring outcomes to improve population health
Conference Date
5th & 6th December 2018
Bayview Eden Melbourne
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Improving health outcome measurement through innovation and engagement
When implementing health programs, there has been a shift in focus from measuring the output to measuring the outcomes. This presents a particularly complicated challenge for program providers who must identify and measure outcomes across a variety of programs. To make this process as effective as possible we need to ensure that we can develop measurement systems that are efficient and uncomplicated so that programs can be managed sustainably.

The Measuring Health Outcomes conference will examine strategies to develop a system for measuring health outcomes from end to end, including what to measure, how to measure, how to analyse and how to use data collected to inform and advance policy and funding.

What will you take away?
  • An understanding of how to develop and evaluate health outcomes
  • How to implement an evaluation system for different programs
  • Strategies to measure the impact of your services on diverse and marginalised groups
  • Approaches to building partnerships with other organisations to collect and share data
  • Methods for translating data into policy and practice

Who will attend?
Representatives from Federal & State Government Departments of Health, Government Agencies, Health Services, Primary Health Networks, Local Health Districts, Research Institutes & Universities with responsibilities for:
  • Data Analysis
  • Research
  • Clinical Quality
  • Health Information
  • Policy & Projects
  • Population Health
  • Epidemiology
  • Health Prevention

Attend to learn:

  • Identify health outcomes & understand which can be practically evaluated
  • Measure outcomes for different programs & population groups
  • Collect, analyse & use data to inform policy
  • Develop partnerships to improve quality measurement of outcomes

Key Speakers

Dr. Stephen Duckett
Director of the Health Program
Grattan Institute
Tricia Linehan
Director, Health Intelligence Unit
Western NSW LHD
Dr. Lance Emerson
Chief Executive Officer
Victorian Agency for Health Information
Professor Dominique Cadilhac
Data Custodian
Australian Stroke Clinical Registry


What People Are Saying

  • “The Measuring Health Outcomes conference was a well rounded, high level panel of speakers. Lots of great takeaway messages and a very interactive crowd.”

    Kia Noble
    Dietician, Alfred Health


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