Evaluating strategic approaches & striving for consistency
Conference Date
24th & 25th July 2018
SMC Conference & Function Centre, Sydney
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Delivering regulatory strategy whilst meeting community expectations
Growing populations and diverse cultures are increasing service demands and highlighting challenging regulatory issues for local governments. Inconsistency towards regulation and enforcement creates headaches internally and confusion for communities. A more strategic and consistent approach is needed to deliver effective outcomes and ultimately reduce non-compliance.

The Local Government Regulation & Compliance conference will examine strategic approaches to regulatory compliance. Strategies will be evaluated and successes measured. The forum will provide a platform to discuss how the sector as a whole can strive for consistency. High-level strategic themes will be tackled so that lessons can be applied across all compliance divisions within local government.

Key learnings: 
  • Deliver regulatory strategy whilst meeting community expectations
  • Overcome the challenges of regulating growing & diverse communities 
  • Evaluate strategic approaches & define measures of success 
  • Strive for standardised & consistent approaches to regulation 
  • Hear from international best practice examples towards local government regulation
  • Implement a strategic problem-solving approach to regulatory challenges
Who will attend? 
Local councils and relevant state agencies, with responsibility for: 
  • Regulatory Services
  • Compliance
  • Enforcement
  • Investigation

Attend to learn:

  • Build a strategic approach to regulation
  • Effectively evaluate compliance strategies 
  • Define measures of success
  • Improve consistency across local government
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Key Speakers

Donna Rygate
Chief Executive
Local Government NSW
Chris Wheeler
Deputy Ombudsman
NSW Ombudsman
Lili Rosic
Manager Safety & Amenity
City of Port Philip
Craig Simmons
Director, Community Business & Transport Regulation
ACT Government


What People Are Saying

  • “The Criterion team are adept at organising quality conferences that bring together a high calibre of speakers and attendees. Their conferences typically deliver engaging, relevant and topical presentations that impact communities of practice.”

    Paul Fowler
    Director, Enforcement Group, WorkSafe Victoria Refining Regulation to Strengthen Compliance 2018 conference attendee


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