Develop a comprehensive regulatory framework for consistent and strategic responses

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How can you improve your regulatory strategy?

The Local Government Regulation & Compliance conference will bring together senior representatives from State and Local Government to discuss best practice for managing regulatory challenges, developing collaborative partnerships with State Government and managing practice to deliver consistent services and messages to local communities.

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What will you take away from this event

  • Insights from Paul Miller, Deputy Ombudsman, NSW Ombudsman’s Office
  • Advice on balancing community expectations & compliance strategies
  • Insights from successful State & Local Government collaboration
  • Strategies to improve regulatory outcomes through increased collaboration
  • Case studies from leading State and Local Government Agencies

Who will attend?

Directors, Managers, and Officers from Local Government responsible for:

  • Compliance
  • Regulation
  • Enforcement
  • Planning
  • Environmental Health

Attend to learn:

  • Balance discretion in enforcement with the need for consistency
  • Develop strategies & frameworks for improving regulation & compliance
  • Increase collaboration between State & Local Government for improved outcomes
  • Explore strategic responses to emerging regulatory challenges