Embedding innovation into 21st century learning
Conference Date
17th & 18th March 2020
Sydney Boulevard Hotel
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Plan for student success through innovative learning space design

Today’s students must be exposed to various styles of teaching and learning to effectively prepare them for the future. This process of ‘future-proofing’ extends beyond teaching styles, or pedagogy, into the spaces that students inhabit and interact with each day they come to school.

It is important that these learning spaces are planned, designed, and implemented with pedagogy and the need to develop 21st century learning skills as a central concern. Further key components in the learning space design process include the meeting of form and function in creating innovative student-centric spaces, empowering teachers to engage with and make the most of their classroom environment, and the effective evaluation of learning space interventions.

The Connecting Pedagogy & School Learning Space Design conference is an essential opportunity for schools to hear from leading case studies and examples of standout learning space success stories. Speakers will share insights from their school’s process in designing, implementing and evaluating their learning spaces, including learnings on what does and doesn’t work. Relevant for schools at various stages of the learning space design journey, attendees will take away key learnings and strategies that can be applied to a broad range of projects.

Attend & learn how to

  • Develop a strategic vision for your school’s learning spaces
  • Gain clarity around a school-wide approach to pedagogy
  • Understand the space needs of various teaching and learning styles
  • Engage with staff and students in developing and inhabiting new learning spaces
  • Evaluate learning spaces against specific needs and objectives
  • Know what to replicate and what to avoid based on case studies from leading schools
  • Who will attend?

    • Principals, Deputy & Assistant Principals, Heads of School
    • Directors & Heads of Teaching, Learning, Pedagogy & Curriculum
    • Heads of Strategy & Planning
    • Business & Facilities Managers
    • Architects & Designers

Attend to learn:

  • Align space with pedagogy & 21st century learning skills
  • Design, plan & create innovative fit-for-purpose spaces
  • Evaluate the impact of space on teaching & learning
  • Engage staff throughout the design process to build teacher confidence & capability