Planning, designing & refurbishing student-centric spaces to drive 21st century pedagogy
Conference Date
16th & 17th October 2018
The Peninsula, Melbourne
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Enhance your innovative learning environment and pedagogy
With many state governments allocating major funding to school learning space design, how can you maximise your space whilst ensuring compatibility with modern pedagogy? In the past, schools have found that without a clear vision, this funding has been wasted on spaces that are neither functional nor relevant to modern teaching practices. This journey requires a clear process to ensure the transition of the whole school community to a new way of teaching and learning is as smooth and effective as possible, whilst making the most of budget and space.

The Connecting Innovative School Learning Spaces & Pedagogy conference will address key concerns in aligning design with new pedagogy and provide practical strategies to optimise teacher and student transition and measure the success of an innovative space, in order to equip schools with the knowledge to make the evolution as easy as possible.

Hear insights from an array of education experts, architecture firms and leading schools to learn how you can effectively embed pedagogy at every step of the planning, design and refurbishment process.

What you will take away from this event
  • Strategies to enhance collaboration between architects & educators
  • Insights to plan & design spaces tailored to learning needs
  • Ideas to maximise your budget & make the most of existing space
  • Best practice to develop a whole school transition into 21st century pedagogies
  • Case studies of new pedagogy implementation including Project Based Learning, Explicit Direct Instruction & Inquiry Based Learning
  • Tools & reflection methods to assess the impact of space on teachers & students
  Who will attend?
  • 50% Principals, Deputy & Assistant Principals, Heads of School
  • 30% Directors of Learning & Teaching
  • 10% Facilities & Business Managers
  • 10% Architects

Criterion Conferences is offering an Education Week Flexi Pass for delegates that are interested in attending the Improving STEM Education & Future Skills conference in conjunction with this event. The Improving STEM Education & Future Skills conference is located in the same venue as this conference so delegates will be able to attend both events.

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Attend to learn:

  • Plan, design & refurbish learner-centric spaces
  • Tailor & implement 21st century pedagogies in innovative spaces
  • Prepare & transition staff, teachers, students & parents to new spaces and pedagogy
  • Measure & evaluate the impact of innovative spaces on student outcomes
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Key Speakers

Alma Tooke
Director of Learning & Curriculum
Methodist Ladies College Melbourne
Peter Howes
Murwillumbah High School
Richard Leonard
Gavin Rick
St Joseph's Primary School Cairns


What People Are Saying

  • “If you are thinking about changing the learning culture of your school, and understand ways to support your staff in implementing change that will have an impact on student engagement and outcomes, then this is the conference to attend.”

    Deborah Murray
    Principal, Dubbo School of Distance Education Designing & 'Implementing Innovative Learning Spaces' Conference Attendee, Sydney 2018


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