Removing barriers to knowledge & information management success
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27th & 28th February 2019
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney
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Managing Information & Knowledge as strategic assets in the digital world
The emphasis on government agencies to share and distribute information has been rapidly increasing. Since organisations are pressured to reduce costs and increase productivity, the successful management of information and knowledge is more important than ever.

How can better knowledge and information management benefit your organisation? The Information & Knowledge Management for Effective Decision Making conference will explore how to improve upon an existing culture of knowledge-sharing, strategically manage information & knowledge as assets and to use technology to leverage corporate knowledge.

Key takeaways include
  • Identify, share & prioritise knowledge needs across your organisation
  • Demonstrate the benefits of IM & KM to the wider business
  • Improve decision making with effective IM & KM
  • Increase organisational awareness of the importance of effective KM
  • Develop organisational agility through successful IM & KM strategies
  • Realise required resources for Artificial Intelligence in KM
Who will attend?
Representatives from the public sector, including universities and healthcare, with responsibility for:
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Knowledge & Information Officers
  • Knowledge Management
  • Information Management

Attend to learn:

  • Develop a knowledge-sharing culture to improve decision making
  • Demonstrate benefits of IM & KM to gain organisational buy-in
  • Measure the impact of IM & KM strategies
  • Effectively use technology for improved IM & KM outcomes
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Key Speakers

Tasman Stacey
Information Manager
Australian Tax Office
Jodie Cobbin
Director of Information
NSW Department of Justice
Sheryl Mapp
Director, Enterprise Records
Paul Fechner
Information & Knowledge Strategist
South Australian Government Financing Authority


What People Are Saying

  • “I would highly recommend Criterion Conferences for an information knowledge base, for their professionalism and support and fantastic networking opportunities!”

    Lisa Humphries
    Department of Defence, previous conference attendee


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