Exploring missing middle housing typologies to retrofit suburbia
Conference Date
19th & 20th June 2018
Ibis Melbourne
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Innovative housing types & delivery models to retrofit suburbia
A key strategy to manage future residential growth is the provision of missing middle housing types. Momentum is clearly behind the growth of diverse housing typologies and the push is on to find quality designs and innovative housing delivery models for the middle ring suburbs of our cities, where future residential growth can best be integrated.

However, community resistance to an increase in density, as well as a tough policy and political environment, presents challenges to planners, designers and developers. The Housing Density & Diversity conference will provide a platform to address the key issues and identify the strategies that will achieve quality housing outcomes going forwards.

Hear practical insights on key issues
  • Explore the missing middle and why it is critical to today’s housing market
  • Discover the benefits of innovation & collaboration in housing delivery
  • Benchmark against local government density strategies
  • Hear how to better manage community resistance to change
  • Integrate density into the suburbs through quality design
  • Overcome funding & development challenges
Who will attend?
Local Councils, with responsibility for:
  • Strategic planning
  • Urban design
  • City planning & development
Along with state government representatives, developers, architects, designers and planning firms

Attend to learn:

  • Explore the missing middle as a critical piece in today’s housing market
  • Learn about the latest innovations in housing models, funding and delivery
  • Benchmark against local government density strategies
  • Identify design approaches to effectively integrate density into the suburbs
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Key Speakers

Adjunct Professor David Chandler OAM FAIB
Sheridan Dudley
Strategic Planning Outcomes
Jeremy McLeod
Breathe Architecture


What People Are Saying

  • “Great speakers, interesting content and an intimate group of professionals. One of the best conferences I’ve attended in a long time.”

    David Head
    Senior Urban Designer, Mirvac & Higher Density Living 2017 conference attendee


  • Date: 8 Mar 2017  By: Darren Camilleri

    I have attended many conferences about higher density living. Much of the discourse centres around best practice design, with the audience taken through exemplary flagship projects. New innovative approaches are showcased. These discussions are valuable. They lead to shared learnings and enhanced inspiration for what we, as a profession, can achieve. As a statutory planner …

  • Date: 7 Apr 2016  By: Wendy Sarkissian

    I want to explain about the turbulent river of so-called NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) behaviour and opposition to higher density housing and its two tributaries: 1. Insensitive housing design that reflects a lack of understanding of the significance of “home” in our lives; and 2. Insensitive community engagement processes that are inadequate in …

  • Date: 28 Feb 2016  By: Josephine O'Brien

    High-rise apartment towers are being built in central Melbourne at four times the maximum densities allowed in Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo – some of the highest density cities in the world. According to research conducted by Leanne Hodyl, 2014 Churchill Fellow, increasing the supply of housing in the central city close to jobs …

  • Date: 14 Feb 2016  By: Caroline Stalker

    The emphasis of ‘liveability’ in high density housing is most commonly placed on the quality of fittings, finishes, layout etc. of the apartment; but the quality and design of shared spaces and how they connect with the city are still the most commonly underemphasised in the design and delivery of high density housing, despite all …