Making medium & high densities affordable, desirable & sustainable
Conference Date
16th & 17th May 2017
Victoria University City Convention Centre
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Examining density guidelines & best practices

Higher Density Living 2017 will provide an assessment of emerging state guidelines around density planning and design with the view to define what actually drives good outcomes. The conference will aim to promote a better understanding of successful and effective planning and design approaches for medium and high density projects across cities and regional areas of Australia. This event follows the successful 2016 forum, which attracted strategic planners, designers & developers from across Australia.

Industry practitioners will:

  • Project the future for density in Australia’s cities
  • Review design guidelines for density
  • Examine how to make density affordable and desirable
  • Share ways to integrate denser housing to manage growth
  • Address how to drive good outcomes at high densities

Who will attend?

  • CEOs & Directors from private planning & design firms
  • Local Councils and State Authorities
  • Planners, Urban Designers and Architects
  • Property Developers
  • Consultants, Academics and Industry Associations

Attend to learn:

  • Understand changing apartment design guidelines for medium & high densities
  • Develop new ideas to enable and integrate denser housing
  • Hear how the industry is responding to the missing middle
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Key Speakers

John Daley GS Criterion
John Daley
Grattan Institute
Deena GS Criterion
Deena Ridenour
Senior Associate
Jill Garner GS Criterion
Jill Garner
Victorian Government Architect
Department of Premier & Cabinet
Paul Byrne
Head of Urban Design
Victorian Planning Authority


What People Are Saying

  • “Great opportunity to explore design and planning solutions to the challenges of higher density living”

    Gavin Ponton, City of Melville,Attendee at Higher Density Living 2016 Conference

  • “The Higher Density Living conference was really informative and collegial. The interesting cross section of speakers from across industry and government made the sessions diverse and engaging. I look forward to the next one!”

    Damian Dewar, City of Port Philip, Attendee at Higher Density Living 2016 Conference

  • “A highlight for me were several presenters at the forefront of their fields, bringing substantial knowledge and practical examples, particularly relevant to planning for growth and urban density”

    Richard Clarke, City of Gold Coast, attendee at Higher Density Living 2016


  • shutterstock_327247013
    Date: 8 Mar 2017  By: Darren Camilleri
    I have attended many conferences about higher density living. Much of the discourse centres around best practice design, with the audience taken through exemplary flagship projects. New innovative approaches are showcased. These discussions are valuable. They lead to shared learnings and enhanced inspiration for what we, as a profession, can achieve. As a statutory planner …

  • Wendy Sarkissian
    Date: 7 Apr 2016  By: Wendy Sarkissian
    I want to explain about the turbulent river of so-called NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) behaviour and opposition to higher density housing and its two tributaries: 1. Insensitive housing design that reflects a lack of understanding of the significance of “home” in our lives; and 2. Insensitive community engagement processes that are inadequate in …

  • Apartment Living
    Date: 28 Feb 2016  By: Josephine O'Brien
    High-rise apartment towers are being built in central Melbourne at four times the maximum densities allowed in Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo – some of the highest density cities in the world. According to research conducted by Leanne Hodyl, 2014 Churchill Fellow, increasing the supply of housing in the central city close to jobs …

  • High Rise
    Date: 14 Feb 2016  By: Caroline Stalker
    The emphasis of ‘liveability’ in high density housing is most commonly placed on the quality of fittings, finishes, layout etc. of the apartment; but the quality and design of shared spaces and how they connect with the city are still the most commonly underemphasised in the design and delivery of high density housing, despite all …

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