Developing performance indicators to measure the impact of services on citizens


To deliver outstanding outcomes for citizens, it is essential for government agencies to effectively measure the impact of new and existing policies and programs. To achieve this, government agencies that were once focused on measuring outputs will need to undertake a significant transformation to become outcomes focused.

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Across Australia there is increasing pressure to establish outcomes based approaches in government. In NSW, the most recent State Budget was based on outcomes, mandating NSW agencies report back on outcomes rather than outputs for the first time. With an outcomes reform agenda due to roll out in Victoria, other State and Federal government agencies will be prioritising outcomes more than ever.

To enhance outcomes for citizens, agencies will need to clearly articulate what needs to be achieved, develop indicators that demonstrate progress towards outcomes, engage their teams to integrate outcomes into program and policy and develop strategies to measure progress.

For this two day Masterclass, participants transitioning from outputs to outcomes are encouraged to bring challenges and come prepared to develop practical performance indicators using proven methodologies that measure outcomes.

Who Should Attend?
Executives, Directors, Heads of, Managers, Advisors from Federal & State Departments and Agencies with responsibilities for:
• Outcomes
• Corporate Planning
• Reporting
• Programs
• Policy & Strategy
• Performance
• Evaluation

Attend to learn:

  • Tools and strategies to measure performance and set meaningful performance expectations
  • A process for designing performance measures for outcomes
  • A method for planning how to achieve desired outcomes by translating them into step by step actions
  • Insights to improve operational excellence with key principles from PuMP® (Performance Measurement & KPI Methodology)

Key Speakers

Mark Hocknell
Performance Management Specialist


  • Date: 5 Feb 2018  By: Lindsey Eifler

    An outcome directly measures the work of the ‘business’ you’re in.  As a result, effective outcome measurement can help you manage your business. So how do you do it? Proximity is key; outcomes measures need to be proximal to the intervention (service) provided.  If they are, and an outcome measure is heading in the right …