Migrating Towards
Achieving better results for citizens
Conference Date
21st & 22nd March 2018
SMC Conference & Function Centre, Sydney
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Learn how to take an outcomes-based approach
Governments are increasingly focused on being customer-centric and outcomes-based. As a result, they are starting to move towards outcomes-based approaches.

An outcomes-based approach allows departments and specific program areas to organise and communicate priorities to achieve outcomes.

It takes the focus off measuring what’s been done and puts it onto measuring what’s been achieved. But it isn’t easy; it requires a supportive culture and a very specific skill set.

The Migrating Towards Outcomes-Based Approaches conference will provide you with the knowledge and information you need to take an outcomes-based approach.

The conference will cover:
  • How Government agencies around the world are applying outcomes-based approaches
  • How to build a culture that supports outcomes-based approaches
  • Lessons from commissioning and deliverology
  • How to apply an outcomes-based approach: establishing measurable performance expectations, identifying the right indicators, monitoring progress, using indicators to manage to outcomes
Who will attend?
Representatives of Government Departments/Agencies with responsibility for:
  • Programs
  • Policy + Strategy
  • Commissioning
  • Contract Management
  • Impact Investment
  • Performance
  • Evaluation
  • Reporting
Representatives of NGO’s with responsibility for:
  • Outcomes Measurement
  • Impact Measurement
  • Evaluation

Attend to learn:

  • How Governments around the world are prioritising outcomes
  • How to build a culture that supports outcomes-based approaches
  • How to apply an outcomes-based approach
  • Where NSW is up to with outcomes-based budgeting
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Key Speakers

Glenn King
Deputy Secretary, Premier’s Implementation Unit
Department of Premier & Cabinet, NSW
Adam Luecking
Clear Impact, US
Dr Neil Ackland
Acting Deputy Secretary, Financial Management Transformation
NSW Treasury
Philip Gardner
Deputy Secretary Commercial Group
The Treasury, NSW


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