Conference Date
12th & 13th February 2019
Dockside Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney
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Are you applying outcomes based approaches?
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Measuring the impact of government policies and programs is critical to maximising results for citizens. In order to achieve this, government departments and agencies that were once focused on outputs are undertaking a much needed transformation to become outcomes focused. While it is clear that outcomes based approaches are essential in ensuring the public sector effectively serves its citizens and achieves the desired impact, there are many challenges to successfully transitioning to this new way of working.

As a significant paradigm shift it requires reorganisation, cross-functional teamwork, and changes to planning, reporting & measurement. Pressure to establish these systems is on, with the NSW State Budget now based on outcomes, an outcomes reform agenda rolling out in Victoria and other jurisdictions likely to follow.

The Planning, Measuring & Strengthening Outcomes Based Approaches in Government conference will bring together leaders from across the public sector to identify practical strategies and discuss best practice approaches to develop a strong and successful outcomes focus, reimagining the way the public sector serves our citizens effectively and efficiently.

What will you take away?

  • Case studies from leading departments and agencies who are implementing outcomes based approaches
  • Tools and strategies for outcomes planning, measuring and reporting
  • Learnings on how to grow an outcomes focused culture in your organisation
  • Strategies for leadership and governance to get buy-in and drive outcomes
  • Skills to manage outcomes based approaches that prioritise citizens interests
  • Ideas to improve outcomes by effectively using data and evidence

Who will attend?

Directors, Heads of, Managers, Executives & Advisors of Federal & State Departments & Agencies, with responsibilities for:

  • Outcomes
  • Corporate Planning
  • Reporting
  • Programs
  • Policy & Strategy
  • Performance
  • Evaluation

Attend to learn:

  • Embed & prioritise an outcomes focus across government

  • Strengthen culture, governance & leadership to achieve better results

  • Utilise data effectively to improve outcomes based strategy

  • Move from measuring outputs to measuring outcomes

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Key Speakers

San Midha
Deputy Secretary Agency, Budget & Policy Group
NSW Treasury
Louisa McKay
Executive Leader Community Services
Anna Needs
Department of Premier & Cabinet, NSW


What People Are Saying

  • “Wonderful to hear from other jurisdictions about the wonderful work that is being done across the sector.”

    Alison Spruce
    Queensland Public Service Commission & Conference attendee, Migrating Towards Outcomes Based Approaches in Government, 2018


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    All levels of Government in Australia are looking to improve outcomes for their customers by improving service design and delivery and increase user centricity. A critical component to increasing customer centricity for improved outcomes is to integrate services. Integration helps deliver more streamlined and efficient services, improving overall customer satisfaction and restoring public trust in …

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  • Date: 6 Feb 2019  By: Ash Natesh

    “Organisations have the inability to be vulnerable, they often use measurement to only ever share good news stories” Bessi Graham, Co-Founder, Benefit Capital (Keynote at the Measuring Social Outcomes Conference 2018) Measurement, as Bessi mentioned, should be about what we actually deliver to the cause/people that the organisation is fighting for. Measurement needs to be …

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