Preparing your organisation for the NDIS roll out & beyond
Conference Date
30th & 31st May 2017
Dockside, Sydney
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Survive & thrive in the NDIS
The Productivity Commission are conducting a review of the NDIS scheme. The review will consider funding arrangements with states and territories, cost pressures including wages, potential efficiencies and any impact on mainstream services. These are presenting as the most pressing challenges for providers. When determining viability and financial sustainability under the NDIS pricing structure, providers are asking - is achieving sustainability a sector wide issue or an organisational one? Now is the time to act and adapt for a successful NDIS roll out. Hear presentations from providers tackling financial sustainability to survive in the NDIS.

The 'Financial Sustainability for the NDIS' conference will explore how to:

  • Apply strategic thinking for financial sustainability
  • Plan and budget for fluctuating demand for services
  • Shape and market competitive offerings
  • Diversify revenue streams and identify opportunities to bridge cost gaps
  • Effectively cost and deliver services under the pricing structure
  • Determine your value proposition in the new market
  • Streamline processes and improve systems for efficiency gains
Who will attend?

People from disability service providers, primary health networks and local health districts with the job titles of:
  • Finance Manager/Officer
  • General/Regional Manager
  • NDIS Transition Manager
  • Business Development Manager

Attend to learn:

  • Effectively plan & budget for fluctuating demand
  • Conduct market analysis to map supply & demand for services
  • Shape & market your competitive service offerings
  • Develop a strategy to meet cost gaps & achieve operational efficiency
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Key Speakers

Marcus Stafford
Chief Executive Officer
Peter Mewett
Chief Executive Officer
Cootharinga North Queensland - Ability First
Tamsin Wallwork
General Manager - Corporate Services
Woodville Alliance
Philip Moran
Chief Executive Officer
Link Health & Community


What People Are Saying

  • “I found the Redesigning Business Models for the NDIS both informative and honest. Getting first hand stories from Organisations on how the transition had been for them was really useful. It contain the good, the bad and the ugly – which was refreshing in itself.”

    Kirsty Hage
    Manager, Community & Culture, The Barossa Council & Redesigning Business Models for the NDIS, April 2016 attendee


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