Driving ethical behaviour & embedding culture across the organisation
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November 2019
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What does good culture look like?
The governance of financial sector firms is fiercely under the microscope. How the industry responds to the banking royal commission and APRA’s CBA report is crucial. These significant regulatory reviews reflect the broader lack of trust that institutions need to rebuild. One thing is clear, culture and governance is very difficult to get right.

Emphasis in the past has rested on policies, procedures and frameworks and there is now support for an approach based on ethics, values and principles. Board members and managers need to understand what actually drives behaviour and what environment encourages the right decisions. Embedding the principles and values that will drive the right behaviours across the organisation is a key focus area moving forward. The challenge is translating theory into real change.

The Culture & Governance in Financial Services conference will address ‘where to next’ following a year of intense scrutiny and change.

Key learnings:
  • Measure and manage risk culture and behavioural risk
  • Examine how boards can affect real change and achieve better governance
  • Prepare for the Banking Executive Accountability Regime
  • Draw lessons on risk and culture from outside the financial sector
  • Understand organisational behaviour and leadership and the psychology of risk
  • Drive ethical behaviour and embed culture change throughout the organisation+
Who will attend?
All financial institutions across banking, insurance, fund management and superannuation. Board Members, CEOs, Company Secretaries, Legal Counsels as well as Senior Managers across:
  • Risk Management
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Risk Culture
  • Conduct
  • Audit
  • Governance
  • Compliance
  • HR

Attend to learn:

  • Define where to next following a year of intense scrutiny and change
  • Learn from local and international experts in the field of culture, governance and behavioural risk
  • Hear case studies from a range of industries to broaden perspectives on culture
  • Take away new approaches to embed ethics, values and principles across your organisation
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Key Speakers

Wijnand Nuijts
Head of Governance, Behaviour and Culture
De Nederlandsche Bank
Dr John Laker AO
The Banking and Finance Oath
Cris Parker
Head, The Ethics Alliance
The Ethics Centre
Orlando Fernandez Ruiz
Technical Specialist, Governance, Systems & Controls, Prudential Regulation Authority
Bank of England


What People Are Saying

  • A helpful and insightful look into the practical application and challenges being faced across financial services in relation to risk culture and conduct risk.

    Matt Roger
    Executive Manager, Operational Risk, Compliance & HR Audit, Westpac
  • These smaller less formal conferences achieve a good level of interaction with the audience and proved very insightful

    Patrick Ashkettle
    CRO, Bank Australia
  • Interesting and engaging

    Debbie Lucey
    Manager, Line 1 Risk, Group Finance, Commonwealth Bank Australia


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