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10th August 2018
Hilton Sydney
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Accelerating the Advancement of Female Leaders & Executive Teams
An organisation’s success depends heavily on the capability and effectiveness of its leadership team. Without providing equal opportunities for men and women you cannot ensure you are getting the best leadership available. Yet women continue to be vastly underrepresented in leadership positions across Australia. Of the ASX 200 companies, only 11 of them have female CEOs, and 41 don’t have a woman on their executive leadership team.
- Chief Executive Women ASX 200 Senior Executive Census 2017

Is your organisation maximising the potential of its female leaders?

The Leveraging Executive Female Talent Executive Forum is an opportunity for progressive leadership teams to come together to enhance the capability of senior and aspiring female leaders and the strength and diversity of your executive team.

Program outcomes
Professor Boris Groysberg will lead the discussion using the Harvard Business School case method, an innovative teaching model critiquing actual case studies from Fortune 500 companies for world-class best practice. This will be Professor Groysberg’s only public event in Australia this year and an opportunity to undertake the innovative Harvard educational experience.

Who should attend?
This executive forum is designed for senior and aspiring leaders from corporate, government and NFP’s across Australia including:
  • Executive Leadership Teams: To enhance the learning outcomes of this forum and better leverage their talent organisations are encouraged to bring their leadership teams. Maximise the experience by booking a table.
  • Male Change Champions: We encourage male change champions who see the value and importance of leadership diversity to join the discussion alongside female leaders.
  • Female Leaders: This program is designed for female executives and individuals of high potential who want to harness their potential and progress their career

Attend to learn:

  • Optimise executive leadership capability through enhanced female participation
  • Enhance and maximise professional skill sets with practical insights on leadership development
  • Adapt world class benchmarking tools
  • Gain a clear plan to organise your teams, build your culture and create alignment within your entire organisation


What People Are Saying

  • Time with Boris is an excellent investment of time & money. Last year a group of MYOB executives attended a one-day seminar with Boris and the impact was immediate. Boris is a real, global thought leader. At the cutting edge of what makes an organisation tick and how progressive, leading companies are crossing new boundaries, you will leave time with Boris with a clear sense of how to lift the performance of your company.

    Tim Reed
    CEO, MYOB, Male Champion of Change
  • Boris Groysberg offered an enormous amount of value in his session at HBS regarding leadership and driving future performance. As a Business Leader I intuitively knew I had to re- invent myself to constantly re-invent the business, but I didn’t realise how significant the change needed to be. As a CEO you need to redefine yourself every 4 years, so that’s making a 20% change each year. Boris’s session provided insights and tools into how to do this for yourself, your leadership team and ultimately the organisation. If you are up for reinventing your leadership, creating an effective leadership team,  and in need of leading-edge tools and processes this session will be enormous value

    Pippa Hallas
    CEO, Ella Baché
  • “Unquestionably the best event I’ve attended in years. Boris was in top form, take-home value was 100%, my leadership team were blown away by the experience. We’d happily attend this event every quarter if it were available.”

    Sarah Mayo
    CEO, Mayo Hardware
  • “I have attended Harvard Business School (HBS) every year for the last three years. For me, on every occasion, Boris has been the highlight. I always leave his classes with many relevant learnings, and “ah ha” moments. All of which I’m able to implement into my business immediately, enhancing my leadership presence, skills and profile. All of this ultimately has a very positive effect on my leadership team and employees.”

    Mia Feasy
    CEO, Siren Design
  • “I saw Boris Groysberg lecture at Harvard where he made a roomful of experienced CEOs reflect on the age-old questions of management and executive teams. He was challenging and inspiring and I am looking forward to engaging with him again.”

    Allegra Spender
    CEO, Australian Business & Community Network (Formerly CEO, Carla Zampatti)
  • “Boris is an exceptional speaker and educator who challenged our thinking around diversity, change management and performance.
    He is entertaining, provocative and challenging. I found it to be the most beneficial and engaging external event I have attended in the
    last five years. I highly recommend the session as a high energy, impactful introduction to the HBS an exceptional team experience.”

    Scott Davies
    CEO, ISS Facility Services Australia & New Zealand


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