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25th & 26th November 2019
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The future of work and seismic shifts in consumer expectations are disrupting organisations at a scale and pace never seen before. With chronic labour and skills shortages already being experienced and masses of todays jobs ripe for automation. More than ever there is a need for the HR function to lead their people through radical organisational transformation while simultaneously transforming their own business units.

We’ve seen the meteoric rise of Apple, Facebook, Alibaba, Airbnb, Google and here in Australia, Canva and Atlassian. The most important thing these companies have in common, is that they put their people first. They recognise that every customer experience starts with an employee experience. As a result, it isn’t just customers flocking to these companies, but also the best talent.

The Developing & Implementing an Employee Experience & Engagement Strategy Masterclass is a unique opportunity to review the strategic enablers of organisational growth and success by delving into what it takes to get people to thrive. Go beyond the rules of traditional HR and learn the key steps to creating an engaged workforce and how to measure the impact of employee experience for continued success.

Who should attend?
Directors and Managers with responsibilities for:
  • Human Resources
  • People & Culture
  • Recruitment & Talent Acquisition
  • Employee Experience
  • Employee Engagement
  • Organisational Transformation

Attend to learn:

  • An understanding of the core principles of EX & how it can drive business performance
  • Insights into the impact of EX innovation & the future of work
  • Advice on the role of data & how it can be used to tailor personalised experiences
  • Strategies to benchmark current employee engagement & develop measures of success
  • Frameworks to build & implement your own EX strategy
  • EX case studies from leading brands

Key Speakers

Sean Hall
Former Head of Employee Experience, Founder, Speaker
Telstra, Energx, TEDx
Ben Reid
Chief Product Officer
Fusion Labs
Lawrence Mitchell
Chief Customer Officer
Sumo Salad
Louise Watts
Transition Hub



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