Becoming an employer of choice to attract & retain the best talent
Conference Date
16th & 17th April 2019
Sydney Boulevard Hotel
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Innovative & agile HR for the modern workplace

At the heart of every great business is a great culture and a group of passionate people – the employees. Employee engagement is proving crucial to success in business in the 21st century. Engaging employees goes beyond pay. Today there is a demand for attractive benefits, flexibility and non-traditional career paths that allow individuals to grow and develop within their role.

The working world needs to keep up with the growing number of millennials and generation Z in the workforce, who expect changes and flexibility throughout their working life. The advances in technology also require different working experiences. As technology and AI continues to expand its role in business operations, keeping employees engaged and upskilling them is imperative to everyone’s future success.

Employee Experience (EX) is now being looked at with the same level of of importance as customer experience (CX). The Maximising Employee Experience conference will take you on the journey of employee experience, from determining what your business culture is, improving EX, getting buy in to looking at the future. The EX conference will give you practical takeaways and tips that you can use on your own transformative journey.

Attend & learn

  • How the employee experience evolution is changing work for the better
  • Methods for revolutionising your company culture for a happier and more engaged workforce
  • Case studies from employee experience experts on growing your culture as your company grows
  • Practical tips on preparing for the future of work
  • Innovative ideas from leading organisations for transforming your employee experience
  • Lessons on how to engage the whole company in the employee experience journeys

Who will attend?
Representatives from Private and Government Organisations with responsibility for:

  • Employee Experience
  • Human Resources
  • People and Culture
  • Talent
  • Recruitment
  • Organisational Transformation

Attend to learn:

  • Measure the impact & return on investment of employee experience
  • Connect employee experience to strategic business goals
  • Maintain a focus on employee experience through growth of the business
  • Explore the Future of work