Improving program outcomes and success
Conference Date
21st - 22nd March 2017
National Convention Centre Canberra
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Improving evaluation practice to strengthen evidence-based policy
Sound evidence can be used to improve policy and the likely outcomes of progress. While Governments and research institutes are committed to evidence based policy, developing professional skills in this area is a major challenge. This case study focused conference provides policy representatives with all the skills they need to drive improvement in policy evaluation, formulation and implementation.

Attend this conference & learn:
  • How to gather data and evaluate the quality of your evidence
  • How to design evidence-based policy & develop performance indicators
  • How to effectively communicate a policy story with evidence

Who will attend?
Senior representatives of Commonwealth, State & Local Government as well as the NGO sector with responsibility for:
  • Policy
  • Programs
  • Projects
  • Evaluation
  • Research
  • Performance

Attend to learn:

  • Source & utilise quantitative evidence
  • Communicate your evidence & policy effectively
  • Design performance indicators & policy
  • Evaluate the quality of your evidence

Key Speakers

Michael Woodhouse
Deputy Secretary, Strategic Reform and Policy
NSW Department of Family and Community Services
Graeme Barden
Assistant Secretary Performance, Accountability & Evaluation
Meg Reid
Director, Trusted Trader & Industry Engagement Branch


What People Are Saying

  • “Highly relevant content, great networking opportunities, great array of speakers.”

    Tracie-lee Little, Australian Skills Quality Authority
  • “Engaging, insightful, thought-provoking, instructive,
    entertaining – this conference had it all!”

    Judy Gordon, Australian Securities & Investments Commission


  • Date: 3 Feb 2017  By: Richard Jackson

    The first few weeks of the Trump presidency have marked a dramatic change in direction for the American government and have unfortunately signaled alarming developments for evidence based policy. Trump has ordered a media blackout at the Environmental Protection Agency and barred staff from awarding any new contracts or grants. The administration is also mandating …

  • Date: 24 Feb 2016  By: James Fedorow
    Measuring Health Outcomes

    We are now living in a world where data increasingly plays a large role in providing insights on which we can base our decisions. However, all data is not the same and as it forms the basis of decisions or actions, there is more importance placed on ensuring that we use relevant information. There are …

  • Date: 9 Nov 2015  By: Professor Simon Chapman

    This is an excerpt from Professor Simon Chapman’s book, ‘Removing the emperor’s new clothes: Australia and tobacco plain packaging’. “At its simplest, the story is one of the public good against commercial evil – governments and health authorities introducing an evidence-based measure in the face of ferocious opposition from a lethal and discredited, but still …

  • Date: 13 Mar 2014  By: Lindsey Eifler

    Evidence-based policy making…it was all anyone could talk about when Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister (the first time) but after a while, as happened with Rudd himself, the excitement faded. Of course, unlike Rudd, evidence-based policy making is still with us.   And there’s a very good reasons for that: it makes sense! Despite this, using …

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