4th Annual
Understanding SDA to innovate for a better future in disability housing

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Succeeding with SDA

According to the AFR, disability housing is predicted to be a $5 billion industry backed by the National Disability Insurance Scheme. With the introduction and implementation of the SDA funding model, the desire to construct houses for individuals with a disability is plentiful, however, the challenges accompanied with that desire have proven to be as equally extensive. The issue predominantly resides in the understanding and interpreting of the SDA funding model along with its guidelines. Organisations are currently striving to find ways to obtain funding, meet the vaguely presented guidelines and occupy their properties with eligible participants.

The prime question now is how do we mitigate the risks and elevate the interest in developing SDA, to assist the most marginalised members of our society?

The 2019 Navigating the Complexities of Disability Housing conference will bring together thought leaders from across the nation to provide you with the key skills needed to overcome challenges with SDA, through sustainable knowledge & experience based solutions.

Key takeaways include

  • Understanding & clearly interpreting the guidelines
  • Mitigating vacancy & legal risk associated with SDA
  • Building collaborative partnerships & discovering alternative funding models
  • Learning how to innovate customer centric building designs

Who will attend?

Disability services, community housing providers, government, property developers, architects & lawyers with responsibility and roles of:

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Disability Services
  • Property Development
  • Assets
  • Accommodation
  • Housing

Free Pass Application

Criterion Conferences is pleased to provide a select number of free passes to representatives of small NGO’s and interested individuals, carers, consumers and their families who may not otherwise be able to pay to attend.  To apply please email customercare@criterionconferences.com

Sponsorship Opportunities

We work closely with corporate partners to create unique and innovative tailored sponsorship packages that best meet specific sales, marketing and business development objectives. Contact Faye Hampton on 02 9239 5737 or email faye.hampton@criterionconferences.com to find out more about sponsorship opportunities.

Attend to learn:

  • Learn how to unpack the SDA funding model & guidelines
  • Mitigate risks associated with the development of SDA compliant dwellings
  • Build collaborative partnerships & discover alternative funding models
  • Learn how to innovate new building designs to enhance customer centricity