Change management strategies that minimise disruption & help embed new ways of working
Conference Date
19th & 20th February 2019
QT Canberra
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Embed a digital first culture

Successfully transforming business processes within Government requires significant, committed change management strategies to be in place. Underestimating the amount of sustained effort transformation programs can take, significantly increases the risk of failure. In addition, because we are in a constant state of change, transformation is more difficult than it has ever been.

The Public Sector Digital Transformation & Optimisation conference will discuss how to implement & maintain change management strategies that ensure your transformation journey is successful, while showcasing the business benefits that emerging trends & technologies have to offer.

Key learnings include

  • Realise the potential of new trends & technologies
  • Ensure that services are customer centric
  • Embed a customer centric culture
  • Understand the impacts of new technology on your organisation
  • Minimise disruption during the transformation process

Who will attend?

Federal & State Government Departments and Agencies with the job titles of:

  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Digital Transformation

Responsible for:

  • Innovation
  • IT Strategy / Planning
  • Service Design
  • Automation

Attend to learn:

  • Minimise disruption during transformation process
  • Capitalise on new trends & technologies
  • Embed a digital first culture that fosters innovation
  • Improve collaboration across silos