Taking the next step forward for digital continuity & digital RIM
Conference Date
17th - 18th September 2019
Hotel Realm Canberra
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Strengthen digital RIM in the lead up to DC 2020
Efficient records and information management is essential for the delivery of quality services and effective fulfilment of business functions. The Public Sector is under significant pressure to increase digitisation and optimise their information governance strategy, and for Commonwealth Government, this is coupled with the continuing focus on meeting the Digital Continuity 2020 deadlines.

This conference is tailored to address the unique functional requirements of the public sector and has been specifically designed to benefit organisations at every stage of digital maturity. Furthermore, with the 2020 deadline right around the corner, this conference is an opportunity for Commonwealth Government to begin thinking beyond 2020.

What will you gain by attending this event?

  • Insights from the National Archives of Australia about what to expect after the DC 2020 deadline
  • Case Studies from leading government agencies on how to manage information held on multiple systems
  • Strategies on how to better manage records and information throughout their lifecycle
  • Ideas on how to consolidate many different policies and procedures into one consistent framework
  • Embedding the value of record keeping and information management into employee culture and practice

Who will attend?

Directors, Managers and Officers from Commonwealth and State Government with responsibility for:

  • Records Management
  • Information Management
  • Information Governance
  • Digital Records
  • Digital Information
  • Knowledge Management
  • Corporate Information
  • Archive & Catalogue Management

Attend to learn:

  • Go beyond DC 2020: Understand the National Archives’ new policy from 2021
  • Overcome the challenges of interoperability & accessibility for effective RIM
  • Develop frameworks for information governance
  • Demonstrate the value of effective & efficient records management