Creating an evolved, innovative & resilient AEC industry
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29th & 30th April 2020
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Unlocking the power of DE to mitigate risk and improve quality

Digital Engineering practices have been proven to drive efficiency, create better value, enhance productivity, and significantly reduce risk. But ‘going digital’ is complex, and Australia’s AEC industry will need to adapt - not only to remain viable in a highly competitive international environment, but also to harness the innumerable benefits of BIM and DE throughout the entire asset life cycle.

The inaugural Building the Future with Digital Engineering conference will bring together key project stakeholders across a range of industries to enhance communication flows, address common DE challenges, and work towards delivering better outcomes for all parties.

Overcome hurdles, hear insights & network with peers on
  • Driving DE for public sector projects
  • Supporting stakeholders throughout the transition to digital
  • Managing complex data and information flows
  • Increasing BIM interoperability with openBIM
  • Utilising DE for better asset management

Who will attend?
C-Level, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Directors, Heads, Leads and Managers of:
  • Digital Engineering
  • Technology/Technical
  • Innovation
  • Transformation
  • Digital Practice / Strategy
  • Data & Information
  • BIM & GIS
  • Architecture & Design
  • Project Management
  • Client Delivery
From the following industries in the public and private sectors:
  • Infrastructure
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Transport
  • Roads & Rail
  • Oil & Energy
  • Mining
  • Renewables
  • Utilities
  • Architecture
  • Design

Attend to learn how to:

  • Utilise DE to improve project quality & efficiency
  • Achieve smooth & streamlined DE uptake
  • Drive innovation to maximise value
  • Plan for the future of DE
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Key Speakers

Jon Williams
Chief Specialist - Project & Digital Delivery
Annbrit Halskov
VDC Consultant
MT Højgaard, Denmark
Simon Vaux
Director Digital Engineering
Transport for NSW
Alastair Brook
Director Digital Engineering
DBM Vircon


What People Are Saying

  • “The future of our industry looks incredible, but this success is dependent upon Digital Engineering, with its unprecedented ability to provide such valuable insights, create efficiencies and deliver cost savings throughout the whole life cycle of any infrastructure project.”

    Simon Vaux
    Director Digital Engineering, Transport for NSW


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