Using & interpreting data to enable better infrastructure & service delivery
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1st & 2nd May 2019
Karstens Melbourne
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Using demographic data to improve infrastructure & service delivery decisions
Dr Alison Taylor will deliver an intensive and practical course to provide attendees with the skills to maximise the use of demographic data in their decision-making.

Attend the Using Demographic Data to Enhance Decision-Making Masterclass to develop a deeper understanding of how to apply data in a meaningful way. You will learn how to analyse demographic data to identify critical evidence and how to then interpret and present data to enable and influence effective decisions.

Agenda highlights include:
  • Exploring the different types of decisions and the impact that evidence can play in the decision-making process
  • The how, what and when – getting the right demographic data to enable decision-making
  • Demonstrating how demographic data can contribute to better infrastructure and service delivery decisions
  • Interpreting data, analysing data and pulling it all together

Who should attend?
This course is designed for individuals and teams involved in all types of service and infrastructure delivery and planning from:
  • Local, State and Federal Government
  • Organisations and associations involved in resourcing and planning services and/or infrastructure
This course assumes basic knowledge of Excel and some familiarity with the Australian Bureau of Statistics key demographic datasets

Attend to learn:

  • Where, when and how demographic data can most effectively be used to influence decision-making
  • The nuts and bolts of using demographic data to understand the scale and nature of infrastructure and service delivery demand
  • How an understanding of the broader context can highlight specific demographic pressures and identify compelling evidence
  • Tips for analysing and presenting demographic data to tell a story in effective ways
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Key Speakers

Dr Alison Taylor
ALphaDemographics & Planning Information

What People Are Saying

  • “This was a well organised masterclass with knowledgeable and engaging presenters and very useful and hands-on sessions. Wouldn’t hesitate to attend another Criterion event in the future.”

    Gunther De Vos
    Research and Planning Officer, Catholic Education Office WA
  • “Great course. Highly recommended to anyone involved in strategic land use planning.”

    Leanne Fuller
    Strategic Planner, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council
  • “This is a great course for people looking to learn more about the value of data in decision making. The course content was interesting and the presenters were engaging. I have a new appreciation for how powerful data is and the important role it can play in educating the community and decision makers.”

    Renee Coull
    Strategic Planning, Northern Beaches Council


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