Driving holistic approaches to privacy, data governance & risk
Conference Date
11th & 12th September 2018
Dockside, Sydney
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In the wake of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica as well as emerging reports of data breaches, public awareness and expectations of privacy and data protection continue to heighten. The challenge now is to align data-driven innovation with effective data governance frameworks in order to mitigate the risk.
It is crucial that data is used in the most privacy-centric, ethical and transparent way possible. Privacy and data protection are no longer solely IT issues - they are business issues.

The Data Privacy & Protection conference will give you a holistic lens on privacy. Attend and hear from leading organisations on how to:
  • Build a privacy and data protection program that is agile to the future
  • Identify and mitigate both physical and digital breach risks
  • Manage and control third party risk
  • Strengthen data governance frameworks
  • Align data governance, compliance, security, and technology frameworks
  • Build and maintain trust through transparent and ethical data governance

Covering key updates from 2018 to plan for the future of privacy:
  • Data Breaches - post Feb 2018
  • GDPR - post May 2018
  • APS Privacy Code - post July 2018
  • The Consumer Data Right - further implementation

Get up to speed in a fast moving privacy landscape to manage risks and continue to innovate with data.

Who will attend?
Private and public sector senior executives with the roles of:
  • Chief Privacy Officer
  • Privacy / Data Protection Officer
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Head of Risk and Compliance
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • General Counsel

Attend to learn:

  • Improve data governance frameworks
  • Identify and mitigate privacy risks
  • Work with third parties to ensure data protection
  • Demonstrate privacy and ethical commitment
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Key Speakers

Angelene Falk
Acting Australian Information Commissioner and Acting Privacy Commissioner
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
David Anders
Group Chief Information Security Officer & Group Data Protection Officer
Flight Centre Travel Group
Jason Holandsjo
Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer
Shiela FitzPatrick
Worldwide Expert in Data Privacy & GDPR
Fitzpatrick & Associates


What People Are Saying

  • “Regardless of whether or not breaches of Privacy law are found to have occurred or not, these events are an opportunity for all businesses to consider whether their handling of personal information is not only compliant, but aligns with community expectations.”

    Angelene Falk
    Acting Australian Information Commissioner and Acting Privacy Commissioner


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