Proactively strengthening your reputation & restoring trust in your brand identity
Conference Date
31st July & 1st August 2019
L'Aqua Sydney
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How trusted is your brand?

Trust in public and private institutions has come under significant threat in the last few years as many significant public incidents have changed the way the Australian public now think about organisations that were historically very trusted. With leadership spills, changes in government, data hacks and leaks, and several Royal Commissions in industries that the public once believed in, it is essential for public and private organisations to proactively build their reputation and public image to protect and
restore trust.

In this challenging landscape, the Building Customer Trust and Brand Engagement Conference is a unique opportunity to hear from experts and experienced leaders about how you can establish, protect and, if required, rebuild trust in your brand.

Attend to

  • Explore research on the current state of trust in Australia
  • Hear case studies from some of Australia’s most trusted brands
  • Gain insights from organisations such as Aveo & Holden about how to rebuild and redefine your brand after reputational damage
  • Network and learn alongside senior leaders from diverse industries including financial services, aged care & retirement living, energy, government, retail & FMCG
  • Dig into the most pressing issues for brand engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Develop a crisis communication strategy for your organisation

Who will attend?

Executive & Senior Leaders from the Public, Private & Not For Profit sectors responsible for:

  • Strategy & Operations
  • Brand
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Public Relations
  • Media
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Attend to learn:

  • Understand customer expectations & the principles of trust
  • Develop a culture & brand that nurtures trust & customer loyalty
  • Strategise to protect & rebuild your brand after a loss of customer trust
  • Promote customer interests, transparency & brand integrity